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Vaccines Important In Prevention Of Ear Infections

According to a new report in the Journal of Pediatrics, vaccines have played a very important role in the decline in the incidence of ear infections in children over the past 30 years.


Why Your Bones Are Getting Weaker As Your Get Older

Your body is continually breaking down old bone and reabsorbing it, while new bone is growing.


New Study Finds Link Between Lifting Weights, Improved Memory

The study involved nearly 64,000 older adults.


Your Heartburn Medication Could Be Putting You At Greater Risk

C Diff, as it is called, kills more than 29,000 Americans each year.


Studies Show Red Wine Has Powerful Antioxidant With Strong Cellular Benefits

The studies are ongoing but there is no doubt there continues to be excitement.


Night Sweats Could Be Signs Of Bigger Problems

Do you have interrupted sleep from sweating too much?



Different Color Produce Can Have Different Effects On Your Body

A diet that includes a lot of produce can help you lower your risk of developing heart disease, some types of cancer, diabetes, and obesity.


The Deal With ‘Eye Floaters’

Eye floaters are a natural part of the aging process.



Study Finds Dirty Stethoscopes Could Be Spreading Infections

As time goes on we are learning that there are many other things that can impact the spread of bacteria.


Report Finds Ozone Pollution Is Affecting Our Blood

A new report out of Duke University finds that exposure to ozone pollution was found to affect the blood.


Researchers Say Form Of Diabetes Could Be Linked To Menopause

This is not the first time we’ve seen the impact of menopause because studies in the past have shown there has been a relationship.


Study Finds Gaining Even Small Amounts Of Weight Raises Health Risks

We are also beginning to learn that many other health conditions could be made worse by obesity.


Moderation Is Still Key When Your Health, Alcohol Are Involved

For instance we know that alcohol use, especially heavy use, can increase the risk of colorectal and oral cancers, ulcers, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.


Make Sure It’s Safe To Go Back In The Water

We gravitate to the ocean, lakes, and swimming pools whenever we can—especially in the middle of the hot summer.


The Benefits Of Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


CT scan

CAT Scans: Less Is More

CAT scans have revolutionized medical care.



Living With Rosacea

You may not know what rosacea is, but you will recognize the symptoms.


Headaches: Sinus Vs. Migraine

There are many causes for headaches, but there is no doubt that sinus headaches are one of the most common causes.


Something’s Fishy With This Arthritis Treatment

Could your diet have an impact on rheumatoid arthritis?


Who Doctors The Doctors?

Most of us, as physicians, try to be superhuman.


Learning About Health From Other Cultures

We can learn about health by watching populations around the world.


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Keep Healthy Choices On The Table This July 4th

Just about all of us love the Fourth of July picnic.


Staying Safe With Fireworks

Over the years, warnings about fireworks and firework injuries have been the subject of Independence Day reports, and for good reason.


Study Finds Napping Is Lowering Risk Of Fatal Heart Problems

That mid-afternoon nap could be good for your health.


System Helps You Find Answers When Diagnosed With Serious Illnesses

A patient can call the navigator and ask for help, guidance about leading medical centers, new treatments, even insurance and social issues.


Dealing With The Effects Of Psychological Abuse

We know that the impact of physical spousal abuse or physical bullying in children can be great.


Benefits Of Living Less Stressfully

When you visit the doctor, the time you spend is probably focused on ways to lose weight, quit smoking, or adjust medications.


Obesity A Globally Growing Concern

We think of obesity as a problem isolated to our affluent culture here in the United States.


Increased Risk Of Hypertension Linked To Sleep Apnea

One of the biggest advances in health care over the past 15 years is the realization that obstructive sleep apnea can increase the risk of hypertension.


Using Fiber To Fight Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative Joint Disease, or DJD, is a major source of knee pain and it comes from years of wear and tear.


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