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The PSPCA has been keeping track of the Piazza Pet of the Week Adoptions! Check out their Main Locations to adopt today!

Adoption Updates

(Credit: PSPCA)

(Credit: PSPCA)

Pretzel has found his furever home!

Zoo-Zoo’s Adoption Letter

Zoo-Zoo is an angel!! 👼 my mother and dad are her parents. They are 93 and 89 and she has brought them so much joy and renewed vitality. My father takes her for walks. She is excellent on a leash and she sits on their laps most of the day. My mother brushes her daily and she has given them something to look forward too.
The staff at the shelter really were so helpful and gave us excellent references for Zoo-Zoo. We will recommend your shelter to everyone.
As an aside we had looked at Home at last for a rescue but my parents were told they were too old. My mother was so 😢 sad. We were over the moon that your staff spoke to my parents respectfully knowing that they would be zoo- zoo’s family. She has seen her vet and has her special diet food. The vet says she in good health. I believe zoo-zoo and my parents are a perfect match and will be happy for years to come. Thanks for checking in.