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Rendell: There Will Be No Clinton/Sanders Ticket For The Democrats

Ed Rendell says don’t expect a Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders ticket for the Democrats.


2016 President Campaign Hopeful Ted Cruz (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Local Attorney Suing To Challenge ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Status Of Ted Cruz

Attorney David Farrell is suing to challenge the legality of Ted Cruz to run for President.


Decision 2012: Round One – Romney

by Rick Grimaldi – 10/04/12 – Mitt Romney must hammer the facts. The President is vulnerable on the issue of the economy. He can be beaten if and only if Romney puts him on the Defensive on the jobs issue; on the deficit; on the President’s statement that if he could not turn the economy […]


Rick Grimaldi: Finally The Convention

by Rick Grimaldi – 8/29/12 – There is nothing worse for an active person than to be house bound which is what I have been for most f this month. On the other hand as a political junkie this could be heavenly. I have followed the build up to the Republican National Convention with more […]


Rick Grimaldi: The Right Choice

by Rick Grimaldi – 8/13/12 – About a month ago I was at a a fundraiser for Representative Jim Gerlach. While there I met a congressman who introduced himself to me as Paul. No last name-just Paul. He, of course did not have to tell me his last name. I was quite familiar with Paul […]


Rick Grimaldi: The President’s Red Herring

by Rick Grimaldi – 7/17/12 – So which candidate has cost America more jobs? The President is running ads that attack Mitt Romney’s leadership at Bain Capital. He accuses Romney of outsourcing jobs. The Obama camp even suggests that Romney may have committed a felony. The President continues to deflect from his own record and, […]


Rick Grimaldi: Dollars And Sense

by Rick Grimaldi – 05/11/12 – Debt, debt, debt. The President can suggest that this election is about any number of things but at the end of the day it is about the short and long term health of the economy both here and around the world. It has been fifty years since a President […]


Rick Grimaldi: On Leadership And Vice Presidents

by Rick Grimaldi – 05/04/12 – Do we expect our Vice Presidents to be leaders? What really is their role beyond “sitting behind the President and clapping” as Chris Christie said, or attending the funerals of foreign dignitaries? Certainly VicePresidents can embarrass e.g. Joe, “the President has a big stick,” Biden. Occasionally the VP can […]


Rick Grimaldi: Mitt’s Time

4/19/12 – by Rick Grimaldi – What struck me first about the crowd at the Franklin InstituteMonday at the Independence Tea Party Tax Day Rally, was the number of younger people. Second, the sense of excitement that built as the appearance of Mitt Romney grew closer. And, third, and most importantly, the confidence and presence […]


Rick Grimaldi: Time To Go Rick

4/3/12 – by Rick Grimaldi – It is amazing the clarity that flying over that heartland at 30,000 feet can provide. As I look out over this beautiful amazing country of ours I am thinking about how great we are and how important it is that we continue to participate in this little experiment called […]


Rick Grimaldi: Decision 2012

2/21/12 – by Rick Grimaldi – Just when you thought Mitt Romney was finally on his way to solidifying himself as the clear leader of the Republican primary pack following convincing wins in New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada – along comes the man who has done more than anyone for sweater vests since Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air  – Senator Rick Santorum.


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