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Joseph Santoliquito is an award-winning sportswriter based in the Philadelphia area who has written feature stories for,,,, Deadspin and The Philadelphia Daily News. He is a two-time Emmy Award nominee most noted for his award-winning feature on high school wrestler A.J. Detwiler in February 2006, which appeared on SportsCenter. In 2015, he was elected president of the Boxing Writers Association of America.

Who Could Be There For The Sixers At No. 10

Here are some players who could be around when the Sixers select 10th overall in Thursday’s NBA Draft.

CBS 3–06/19/2018

Phillies Manager Gabe Kapler Is Playing With Bullpen Fire

For someone who likes to play the high-percentage game, Phillies manager Gabe Kapler doesn’t seem like he’s doing it with the bullpen.

CBS 3–06/19/2018

Minicamp Evaluation: The Eagles Look Better Than Last Year—And May Win Fewer Games

There are some undisputable facts that emerged from three days of Eagles’ minicamp this past week.

CBS 3–06/15/2018

Why Would LeBron James Come To The Sixers?

Before this goes any further, let’s just state right out there openly that LeBron James would make the Philadelphia 76ers a better basketball team.

CBS 3–06/14/2018

Mike Trout Can Now Attach Winning To His Amazing Numbers

Trout became the fifth player in MLB to record back-to-back multi-HR games this season, joining Javier Baez, Matt Davidson, Pedro Alvarez and Paul Goldschmidt.

CBS 3–06/13/2018

The Phillies Need To Help Themselves This Weekend

The Phillies are coming off of a 3-7 road trip in which they blew a 5-3 lead in a walk-off grand slam and were outscored in San Francisco 12-1.

CBS 3–06/08/2018

brett brown

Hopefully The Sixers Next GM Will Bring Stability

The next step Joshua Harris and the group selecting the next GM will need to do is take a good look at someone who can stabilize this franchise.

CBS 3–06/07/2018

Bryan Colangelo

Santoliquito: Bryan Colangelo Does Smart Thing By Resigning

Bryan Colangelo did the smart thing and resigned Thursday as the Sixers’ president and general manager.


Phillies Should Heed The Words Of Jake Arrieta

Jake Arrieta wore the look of a madman when he said it but that’s what the drive to winning is all about. Now, what the Phillies will do with his words and warning will be interesting to see.

CBS 3–06/05/2018

Joseph Santoliquito: As Rhys Hoskins Mends, Phils Can Get A Glimpse Of The Future

With Rhys Hoskins temporarily shelved, this gives Phillies’ manager Gabe Kapler a chance to see what an outfield of Nick Williams, Odubel Herrera and Aaron Altherr looks like.

CBS 3–05/31/2018

Bryan Colangelo

Santoliquito: Whether Bryan Colangelo Is Guilty Or Not, He Has To Go

What is fact is that the Philadelphia 76ers are national laughingstocks once again, and the perception of this tarnishes Colangelo’s reputation.

CBS 3–05/31/2018

Carson Wentz

Santoliquito: Carson Wentz Needs To Smarten Up, Learn To Slide

Hopefully, this coming season, the third-year NFL borderline superstar will learn to slide when danger nears, instead of taking the kind of risks he took last season.


Santoliquito: Phillies’ Success Is A Surprise To Everyone But The Phillies

Part of that confidence is derived from new manager Gabe Kapler, the other from a young nucleus that doesn’t know what it’s like to lose—nor accepts it.


carson wentz

Carson Wentz Is Beginning To Trust His Knee

Wentz was in shorts and a helmet, which was very encouraging, since he was lost for the final three games of the 2017 season when he tore the ACL in his left knee in the third quarter of the Eagles’ 43-35 victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Dec. 10, 2017.

CBS 3–05/22/2018

Rhys Hoskins’ Home Run Drought Shouldn’t Be A Concern—Yet

It’s been a while since Rhys Hoskins has hit a home run.

CBS 3–05/18/2018

Brett Brown

Talk Of Firing Brett Brown Is Foolish

The Sixers overachieved this year, and much of that credit stems from Brett Brown.

CBS 3–05/16/2018

The Sixers Season Was A Raging Success, Regardless Of Being Beaten By Boston

Moving forward, this Sixers’ team could be the basketball equivalent to the 1970’s Broad Street Bullies, in the sense that they’re loved by Sixers’ fans and will become hated by everyone else.

CBS 3–05/10/2018

NBA Playoffs: Expect The Sixers To Take Control Of The Series In Game 2

Sixers take on the Celtics in Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs on Thursday night.


The Eagles Trade Out Of First Round With Ravens

The Eagles traded their No. 32 pick with the Baltimore Ravens during the first round of the NFL Draft.


Philly Sports Fans Will Get A Treat This Weekend

There won’t be time enough to sit still for a minute if you love watching sports and live in the Philadelphia vicinity this weekend.


What’s Wrong In Thinking The Sixers Can Win It All Now

Since Dec. 30, 2017, the Sixers are 41-12, including their five-game playoff victory over the Heat. The Heat aren’t exactly world beaters, but an interesting note here says the Sixers were the fresher team and probably will be against whomever they face next.

CBS 3–04/26/2018

Eagles helmet

Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Season Schedule Released

The Philadelphia Eagles 2018 schedule has been released.


Expect The Sixers To Get The Heat Under Control In Game 3

That wasn’t an aberration the other night at the Wells Fargo Center. That was vintage Dwyane Wade that tore up the Sixers for 28 points in 26 minutes, while making every big play that had to be made down the stretch in Miami’s 113-103 victory in Game 2 that tied the best-of-seven series at 1-1.


Phillies Pitching Has Been A Surprise

The Phillies sitting at 10-6 and having won seven of their last eight games comes as somewhat of a shock.

CBS 3–04/18/2018

Remembering Wrestling Legend Bruno Sammartino

This was a tribute written just before wrestling legend and Philly favorite Bruno Sammartino was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Sammartino died on Wednesday at the age of 82.

CBS 3–04/18/2018

Can Anyone Stop Ben Simmons?

Simmons is no doubt special.

CBS 3–04/16/2018


Why Can’t The Sixers Win The NBA Title This Year?

There are no world-beaters in the Eastern Conference.

CBS 3–04/12/2018

Santoliquito: Sidney Crosby And The Penguins Embarrass The Flyers

The Penguins rolled over the Flyers, 7-0, Wednesday night in the worst playoff loss in Flyers’ history

CBS 3–04/11/2018

Santoliquito: Villanova’s Jay Wright Proves He’s The Best Ever From Philly

There is one coach that stands above that pantheon and most probably secured his place in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and that’s Villanova coach Jay Wright.

CBS 3–04/03/2018


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