John Valerio

John ValerioJohn started his broadcasting career over 20 years ago as a traffic reporter for KYW Newsradio.

Prior to that he was an award winning producer of educational videos and a creative director, producing TV ads in the Philadelphia region, some of which, won both local and national awards for creativity and production quality. During this time, John was also an associate producer for Philadelphia Flyers Hockey away games with TV 57 and produced Flyer Hockey feature segments for the station.

In addition to this varied broadcasting background John also served as voice over and on-air talent on local, regional and national ads and educational videos.

With his background in television writing and production, when CBS 3 wanted to bring traffic reporting to television, John was their choice. He helped develop CBS 3’s first traffic reporting system which incorporated traffic cameras in their traffic reports.

While at CBS3, John also wrote, produced and served as reporter for “The Car Care Clinic” a feature that offered both trouble shooting and safety tips for motorists in a light-hearted format. John was honored for his work with the Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Award for promoting highway safety.

Following his years with CBS 3, John served for 6 years, as the first traffic reporter for WPVI-TV6 helping them to develop their first traffic reporting system. In 2009, John returned home to the station where his broadcasting career began, KYW Newsradio, this time as a part time news anchor.

John, a life long resident of Delaware County, graduated from Widener University and is married with 3 children and numerous pets.

The Valerios give much of their time and energy to helping rescue stray animals. Volunteering specifically with animal rescue organization, Purrfect Paws Rescue, where John serves on the board of directors as Vice President. Purrfect Paws rescues stray cats and kittens, returns them to health and finds them forever homes. John also coaches youth soccer.