Jay Lloyd

lloyd jay Jay LloydJay Lloyd — a voice long familiar to Newsradio listeners — provides recreation and leisure reports to Delaware Valley residents every Thursday on KYW.

Until his “retirement” in 2005, Jay was KYW’s Suburban Bureau chief since the bureau’s inception in 1972.

In 2012, Jay was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame (see related story).

Jay is an avid skier and sailor — the latter probably no surprise since much of his very early career in broadcasting took place in the Caribbean and the years before that in the US Coast Guard.

Now, KYW is delighted to be able to bring you Jay Lloyd’s “Getaway” reports, in which he reveals some of the special destinations he was discovered during his extensive travels.

Jay lives with his wife and daughter in Montgomery County.


Getaway Guide To Drone Alert

Who would have thought that our toys and hobbies would raise such a ruckus at some of the most popular getaway spots in the nation?


Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Crab Season Opens

In a couple of weeks the tapping sound of wooden mallets will be echoing across the nearby Chesapeake Bay.


Credit: Jay LLoyd

Spring River Walks

River Walks from New Orleans to New York are the rage. These inland versions of seaside boardwalks, are for more than walking. Biking, horseback riding and running are all in the mix.


Waterman's (Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide To Waterfront Deck Dining

Drag out shorts and find an open waterfront eatery deck on a weekend getaway.


St. Patrick's Cathedral Spires (Jay Lloyd)

Holy Week Getaway

The end of March and first of April brings us a tradition filled convergence of Easter and Passover. If plans for the week include a getaway with a unique religious experience. 


Eldridge Street Synagogue (Jay Lloyd)

Guide To A Tax Refund Getaway

Make it a weekend or a destination splurge. As one hotel chain advertised, “After tax, relax”. So, where to go? Here’s are some favorites.


Molly Maguires (Jay Lloyd)

Irish Pub Getaway

Next week, all roads will lead to an Irish Pub. St. Patrick’s Day is on the near horizon.


Getaway Guide To Holiday Eats And Treats

So, outside of home cooking, where do we go to savor the unique flavors that reach their zenith once a year?


Flower Show Getaway

If you’re among the quarter off a million people who will head for the Philly Flower Show make it a Center City  Getaway – even an overnight.


Getaway Guide To A March Zoo Crawl

You’ve heard it before. You’ll hear it again. “March comes in like a lion.”


Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Spring Skiing

It’s that time of year when snow sport enthusiasts begin to think about spring skiing and riding.


Getaway Guide To Winter Wind-Down

Get ready for a whip-saw week of getaway action.


Presidents Weekend Getaway

With winter weather at its most fickle, how do you plan for a long, fun Presidents weekend getaway?


Olympia and Becuna

Getaway Guide To Maritime Museums Near And Far

It’s raining. And it’s not even November. So, I recall the words of Herman Melville, “Whenever it’s a damp drizzly November in my soul ……I quietly take to the ship.”


Philly Dublin Getaway News

And when you visit Ireland, it seems that every local you meet there has relatives in Philadelphia.


Getaway Guide To Presidents Weekend On The Snow

Presidents Weekend on skis, boards and tubes is the last long mountain weekend of winter.


Valentine Water Gap Getaway

With Valentines Day on the near horizon, here is a pair of getaway stayover ideas for outdoor exploration, food, drink and romance.


Getaway Guide To Valentine Stayovers

C’mon. Do an overnighter. After all, Valentines Day comes only once a year.


Senior Travel Bargains

They are probably called “Golden Years” because senior status often comes with deep discounts.


Getaway Guide To Winter Museum Crawls

There are several museums in the Philadelphia-area offering a good time for adults and children.


Olympic Fever Getaway

With the winter Olympic on the near horizon even recreational skiers are getting the urge to take a racing challenge.


Getaway Guide To Night Skiing

The moon was full and the sky was crammed with starlight. From the condo deck on a ridge overlooking Camelback Mountain there was another light source.


Camelback Mountain (Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide To Ski Mountain Towns

It’s a small town story that became as big as the mountain that towers above it.


Getaway Guide To Cross-Country Skiing

Would you believe there’s a God of skiing? Ancient Scandinavians did. Some ski clubs today even have logos with the image of Ullr, outfitted in skis and carrying his trusty bow.


Getaway Guide: Hits And Misses Of 2017

The lessons for travelers – expect the unexpected and make contingency plans.


Jay Lloyd’s 2017 Domestic Getaways

With brutal hurricanes and storms disrupting long distance travel plans in the year past, KYW’s Jay Lloyd reports that local getaways offered smooth sailing.


Jay Lloyd’s G.I. Holiday

For many veterans and active duty military, their first holiday away from family and friends was courtesy of Uncle Sam.


Jay Lloyd’s Getaway Guide To Snow Tubing

Old inner tubes have been re-purposed for everything from cushions and swings to rubber rafts for floating up a lazy river.


Skiing Future Getaway

Skiing Future Getaway

With snow already hammering the Pennsylvania slopes, KYW’s Jay Lloyd looks at the prospect of a new growth spurt for recreational skiing.


Holiday Guide To Shop, Sip And Sup

Shopping bags from big city stores, suburban malls and wee country shops are stuffed under restaurant tables, topped by nibbles, noshes and warming sips.