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Glen Macnow is a former writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer and was recognized in 1993 as “The Best Sportswriter in Philadelphia” by Philadelphia Magazine. He has written three top-selling Philadelphia sports books during his time on WIP, co-authoring The Great Philadelphia Fan Book with Anthony Gargano, he co-authored The Great Philadelphia Sports Debate with Angelo Cataldi and he co-authored The Great Book of Philadelphia Sports Lists with Big Daddy Graham.

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Clash Of The Tacos Scores (x/100):

  1. La Rancherita – 83
  2. Cantina Laredo – 71
  3. XOLO Tacos – 93
  4. Tlaxkalli Mexican Tortilleria & Taqueria – 80
  5. Mission Taqueria – 84
  6. District Taco – 59
  7. La Pena Mexicana Taqueria – 95
  8. Taqueria Feliz – 76
  9. Michoacana Grill – 84
  10. Tequilas – 93
  11. El Comalito Mexican Taqueria – 81
  12. Mole Pablano – 89
  13. Taco Mar – 60
  14. Taqueria La Veracruzana – 71
  15. Teresa’s Next Door – 90
  16. Los Taquitos De Puebla – 68
  17. El Vez – 91
  18. Jaco Taco – 74
  19. South Philly Barbacoa – 95




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south philly barbacoa

19. South Philly Barbacoa

Bon Appetit magazine named it one of the three best tacos in America.


jaco taco

18. Jaco Taco

Finally, we tried the vegetarian Baco Taco (which earned a ‘star’ on the menu as the restaurant’s own favorite).


el vez

17. El Vez

The shrimp were large, slightly spicy and still steaming when they arrived at our table on homemade (!) corn tortillas.


los taquitos de pueblo

16. Los Taquitos De Puebla

Looking at the menu, I felt like I should be sitting next to Andrew Zimmern on “Bizarre Foods.”


teresea's next door

15. Teresa’s Next Door

My favorite, actually, was Teresa’s take on Carnitas, a standard taco of braised pork, onion, salsa verde and cilantro.


la veracruzana

14. Taqueria La Veracruzana

The Camarron (shrimp) Tacos were three for $10.


taco mar

13. Taco Mar

The Chicken Taco was the best choice, with the breast meat cut right off a chicken spinning on a rotisserie.


mole pablano

12. Mole Poblano

We also enjoyed the Pastor, a tender citrusy pork taco with diced onion and bits of pineapple.


el comalita taqueria

11. El Comalito Mexican Taqueria

Thumbs up to the Tinga-Tinga Taco (pulled chicken in a chipotle-tomato sauce) and the Al Pastor (pork with diced pineapple).



10. Tequilas Restaurant

There are six varieties, and you can mix-and-match to serve your mood.


glen macnow tacos

9. Michoacana Grill

Three tilapia tacos for $10.95.


8. Taqueria Feliz

They’ve got 10 varieties of tacos on the menu, including sesame tuna, cauliflower and blackened salmon.


7. La Peña Mexicana Taqueria

Tacos are just $2.25 each, so you can wind up with a delicious, satisfying meal for less than $10.


6. District Taco

For $3, the menu offered Al Pastor — carved rotisserie pork, marinated with Guajillo chili and served with chopped pineapple.


5. Mission Taqueria

The Fried Mahi Mahi (three for $15) with jalapeno mayo and pickled cabbage was among the yummiest I’ve had so far in the food hunt.


glen macnow tacos

4. Tlaxkalli Mexican Tortilleria & Taqueria

We enjoyed the Tinga, which is diced chicken in a chipotle sauce.


Xolo Tacos

3. XOLO Tacos

Don’t be surprised if it ends up in my “Clash of the Tacos” finals in May.


Cantina Laredo

2. Cantina Laredo

The Barbacoas featured certified Angus beef, which was tasty, but tougher than expected.


Glen Macnow taco

1. La Rancherita

Our favorite was the bistec con napales (steak with cactus).



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