Bob Bicknell

bicknell bob Bob BicknellBob Bicknell reports on technology for KYW Newsradio 1060. His “Web Pick of the Day” airs daily on KYW, and his news reports on emerging technologies, new products, and tech-related issues air whenever warranted.

Born and raised the son of a radio and electronic gadget hobbyist, Bicknell grew up in Middlesex County, NJ.

He graduated from the University of Delaware and soon after began writing and reporting for WHYY-TV in Wilmington. Oftentimes, after filing his report at WHYY, he would head up I-95 to write and produce for WTXF-TV’s “Ten O’Clock News.”

In 1996, Bicknell helped start up WTXF’s “Good Day Philadelphia,” also teaching broadcast newswriting afternoons at La Salle University until 1998.

After working nine years in Philadelphia television, he became executive producer and news webmaster for WRGB-TV in Albany, NY, and then executive producer for cable news channel “New York 1″ in Manhattan.

In 1999, Bicknell landed at CBS News “Up To The Minute,” where he still works as senior producer for the network’s overnight news broadcast. He began reporting for KYW Newsradio in 2001.

Bob is an avid runner, looking forward his next Philadelphia Marathon (or Philadelphia Distance Run or Broad Street Run). When he’s not running through his favorite park, he and his wife can be found running after their young son and daughter.

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