Amy Feldman

feldman amy Amy FeldmanAmy E. Feldman is a business commentator and legal business correspondent for KYW Newsradio, bringing her expertise in employment issues and breezy writing style to KYW listeners since 2002.

In addition to her legal reporting for KYW, she is general counsel of the Judge Group Inc., a national placement firm based in West Conshohocken, Pa., where she specializes in employment and consumer-related issues.  She was formerly an associate at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP.

Feldman received both a law degree and a masters of science in education degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and got her BA degree (cum laude in History with distinction in all subjects) at Cornell University.

Other than her four years in Ithaca, NY, Amy has lived in the Delaware Valley all her life.  She and her husband are raising their three children to be avid Phillies fans!

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How Can The Law Consider You Both A Minor And Adult, Victim And Perpetrator – All At The Same Time?

How can the law consider you both a minor and an adult and the victim and the perpetrator all at the same time?


Can Your Boss Deduct A Charitable Contribution From Your Paycheck?

Can your boss deduct a charitable contribution from your paycheck?


Can You Sue If You’re Hurt Playing A Physical Sport?

Can you sue if you’re hurt playing a physical sport?


Is It Illegal To Eat Roadkill?

State Farm Insurance company estimates that there are over 1.2 million car collisions with deer every year, and while state laws differ, more and more states are passing laws that specifically allow people to take and eat roadkill, although most states do prohibit you from taking and eating dogs and cats that have been hit.


Making A Return

In this season of buying, giving, and returning, you may be asked to present a receipt and then, with or without the receipt, you might be asked for your driver’s license.


Can Employers Dock Pay For Being Unproductive At Work?

Employers know that there are days that workers are just aren’t getting anything done.


When Can A Worker Sue For Discrimination?

When can an employee sue for discrimination?


How To Be Sure It’s A Real Cop Pulling You Over

So, how do you know if the car pulling you over is an actual officer and what should you do if you’re not sure?


How To Remove A Conservator

By Amy E. Feldman PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In 2008, things looked bleak for Britney Spears between the hair shaving incident and the unfortunate run in between the paparazzi and the business end of her umbrella. Her father sought-and was granted–a conservatorship to make health and financial decisions for her. Now that we see the happy, healthy, well-adjusted […]


What Can Legally Be Added To Alcoholic Drinks?

The Federal Alcohol Administration Act governs the manufacturing and labeling of alcoholic beverages.


Judge Rules Chimps To Remain Property In Eyes Of Law

A group of animal rights activists filed a lawsuit on behalf of two chimpanzees who are housed at Stony Brook University for use in locomotion studies, claiming that like humans to whom they are biologically similar, the chimps deserve basic human rights, likening their confinement to slavery.


Cannot Deliver a FedEx to a PO Box

If a business lists only a post office box as its address, you may be frustrated to find that you can’t have a FedEx package delivered to it.


Gift Card Holders Bankrupt Entity

After a long descent from its high times selling CB radios and pagers, Radio Shack declared bankruptcy in February of this year.


Who Can Legally Fly A Drone

Back in the days when the only drones the general public knew were of the Homer Simpson, Drone from Sector 7G variety, drones of the unmanned aircraft variety were strictly in the purview of the military.


All Natural Legal Definition

While most people would consider it actually upscale if the peanuts in the bowl hadn’t been handled by many sets of unwashed hands, the plaintiffs objected to the use of the term “all natural” on the package.


The Selective Serve and Sex Discrimination

In a famous scene from the movie Stripes, Seargent Hulka asks the men why they joined the army.


Condition of Release – Romantic Relations

A defendant who was sentenced for a gun offense wasn’t just given jail time and probation, but was told by the judge that, given he had ten kids by seven different women, and given the serious social problems it could create, he was not to have unprotected relations without the approval of the probation office.


Contributory Negligence – Seat Belts

When veteran newsman Bob Simon was thrown from the backseat of a cab and died after it clipped another vehicle, people were outraged to learn that the driver had nine driving suspensions on his rec


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What Laws Protect Domestic Workers? Not As Many As You Think

Whether or not there ever was a relationship between Affleck and the nanny is questionable, but no one has made any claim that if the affair existed, it was unwelcome, so no matter what it wouldn’t be considered sexual harassment.


Why Is The R Word Being Banned?

The “r” word—retarded—is a word that has long since fallen out of favor as a hurtful slur to people with intellectual disabilities.


Self Incrimination

It’s not news that when you record yourself, your own record will speak volumes in lawsuits and other legal matters.


How Do You Know If An Online Promotion Is The Real Thing Or A Scam?

How do you know if an online promotion is the real thing or a scam?


Ladies’ Night

And since there are so many cynical and litigious people out there, the idea of charging women less has been the basis of many lawsuits in the past.


Food Handling Requirements

What do you need to know about health regulations at the places you dine?


What Can’t You Carry On An Airplane?

Ok, what are the current regulations on what you can’t carry on an airplane?


What’s A WEA And How To Stop It?

How do you opt out of Wireless Emergency Alerts?


Can A Power Company Be Sued If There’s A Power Outage?

So, when there’s a power outage, people and offices that can’t do business start to wonder, can I sue the power company if there’s a blackout? The answer is, it’s possible…but it’s hard to win.


Evicting Your Roommate

How do you kick out a crummy roommate?


By Law, What Is Required And Forbidden In An Obituary?

There are two different types of obituaries, one written by the newspaper staff to notify people of the death of a significant member of the community and those written and paid for by the family, as both a tribute and a notice of funeral arrangements.


What Is Crowdfunding?

Is the posting of a suspect’s mugshot without his consent legal?