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Democratic candidates prepare to take the stage in the first primary debate
Police say former Texas A&M wide receiver Thomas Johnson has admitted to killing a jogger in a random attack
Memphis police officer Terence Olridge and neighbor Lorenzo Clark reportedly "exchanged words" before Olridge was killed in a shootout Sunday afternoon
Bride's father and grandparents were in a car crash on the way to her wedding reception, and the off-duty paramedic sprung into action
Photojournalist Jacquelyn Martin's "inside the bubble" images of U.S. Secret Service agents protecting President Barack Obama
Palestinian "day of rage" left three Israelis dead; White House and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry condemning the violence
The Supreme Court has already banned mandatory life sentences for juveniles, but now they are reviewing juvenile sentencing again
Police said a fight broke out in a parking lot after the Los Angeles Dodgers lost the opening game of the National League Division Series to the New York Mets on Oct. 9
Centenarian Loretta Dolan attended her first playoff game at Wrigley Field -- and she was in for a treat
Dozing on the job reported by 61 percent of air traffic controllers; union says its work force is lowest in 27 years