Every August, the race begins and it is time to stock up on those important school supplies. While the average big book retail store might have some items on your back-to-school list, they will not have everything. So, why not skip the hunting and go right to the one store that will have everything?

Becker’s School Supply isn’t just for parents – it’s where teachers shop too. You will find this store in Northeast Philadelphia is a resource for everyone working to educate children. It’s a popular spot for parents that do home schooling as well, and is a great resource for anyone wanting to supplement their child’s education.

You will find a wide variety of products for arts and crafts projects as well as what they refer to as “creative arts” projects like painting, clay, and more. They also have everything needed for the classroom, ranging from furniture to decorations. Becker’s also has every educational support tool you can imagine for children from infants and toddlers to elementary school.

You’ll also find education materials in a full range of subjects including literacy and language, math, science, and social studies. This is by far the best one stop shopping spot in the city of Philadelphia for school supplies.

Also, don’t forget that teachers shop at Becker’s too. Instead of giving a gift certificate to your kid’s teachers at the holidays and the end of the year for a restaurant or bookstore, consider a Becker’s Gift Card. After all, in this time of budget cuts and economic restraint teachers often supplement their classroom supplies out of their own pockets – and a gift card can take a bit out of that for sure!

While Becker’s is located in the far Northeast, it is accessible by public transportation. In addition, the online store is available anywhere.

Becker’s School Supply

9165 Roosevelt Boulevard

– Cecily Kellogg

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