You laughed, you balked, you discussed over the proverbial water cooler. In no particular order, these are the stories that got you talking in 2013. – Chelsea Karnash

1. Survey: For Some Women, It’s Pets Over Partners

Most of us love our pets and treat them like family, but apparently, some of us love them even more than family. A British survey of 2,000 women claimed that one in ten love their pets more than their significant other, and almost a third admitted they love their pet as much as their partner. And across the pond in Philadelphia, the results of our poll revealed that nearly half of you claim to love your dogs as much as your human companion. But hey, your dog will never argue with you about money or hint that you need to lose weight, right?

2. Two Bad Dreams Converge At Bucks County Naked Haunted House

A naked haunted house? Um, count us…out. At Shocktoberfest’s “Naked and Scared Challenge,” brave thrill-seekers were asked to bare it all for a sprint through a terrifying haunted house. Whether or not it was the house or the sight of hundreds of nude strangers in motion that was so terrifying is up for debate, but this one never got off the ground – the township eventually forced Shocktoberfest to go with a partially-clad “prude” version.

3. 7-Foot-Long Boa Constrictor On The Loose In Swarthmore

When the snake with the most unoriginal name ever went missing in the wild for over a week, Swarthmore residents were none too happy. Luckily, the sun-loving reptile was found ten days later less than a block from home, sunning himself in a neighbor’s yard, and no one was hurt…or eaten.

4. Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia’s Beacon Of Fine Dining, Will Close Its Doors For Good This Time

RIP fine dining. The city said an official goodbye to Le Bec Fin in June 2013 after 40-plus years of elegant service and unpronounceable entrees. Avance, from a Roxborough native and two-Michelin-star chef, opened Friday, Dec. 13th in the space.

5. Local Puppy Born With Cleft Palate Becomes Canine Celebrity And Ambassador

Oh, Lentil, you’re killing us with your cuteness. The tiny French bulldog puppy with the cleft palate went viral, but he just so happens to call Philadelphia home. Now serving as a canine ambassador for kids with facial deformities, Lentil has over 100,000 followers on Facebook, where he continues to tug at our heartstrings in adorable daily photos posted by his mom, Lindsey.

6. Landmark Cheesesteak Shop Changing Its Name

No more cringing when someone asks you where you bought that delicious cheesesteak: Chink’s Steaks dropped its controversial name and adapted the much more customer-friendly (and less racially-charged) moniker Joe’s Steaks on April 1st. Welcome to the 21st century, Joe’s.

7. Survey: Single Men Change Their Bed Sheets How Often?!

Gross, but not entirely surprising. Yet another British study — this time focusing on the hygiene habits of single men — had us saying a collective “ew” when it revealed that bachelors between the ages of 18 and 55 only reported changing their bed sheets about four times…per year! Those Brits, man…

8. PETA: Eating Chicken Wings During Pregnancy Could Affect Baby’s Penis Size

We wish we could say this was one of PETA’s most bizarre moves ever, but let’s be real – it probably wasn’t. In a letter to the founder of the National Buffalo Wing Festival, the animal rights organization claimed male baby’s man parts could be affected adversely by moms who consumed chicken parts – of concern to Philadelphians because of our beloved Wing Bowl. Still, concerned parents can relax – Women’s Health debunked the claim…and Wing Bowl 2014 is still on.

9. African-American Dressed In KKK Hood On Street Corner Sparks Controversy In Philadelphia

Whether it was a move to raise awareness or simply an offensive PR-stunt, African-American Sixx King certainly raised something after he donned a KKK hood and stood on a Center City street corner last winter – eyebrows.

10. Study: Oreo Cookies As Addictive As Cocaine?

This college study that appeared to show the beloved black-and-white cookie is as addictive in rats as drugs was popping up everywhere in October. While the jury’s still out on whether or not Oreo addiction now merits rehab, Oreo fiends everywhere now have an excuse for their “condition.”

Honorable Mentions:

Survey Reveals Most People Give Up On Looking Good After Marriage

Brooklyn Flea Market Pulls Out Of Philadelphia Because Of Lack Of Customers

Study: On Average, Americans Are Eating 23 Pounds Of Cheese Per Year


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