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(Photo by Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Hurricane Hounded Getaway

Hurricane season can really put a damper on getaway plans. KYW’s Jay Lloyd looks at what you can expect if you’ve already paid for a trip to a paradise where a major storm is brewing.

2 hours ago

(File photo of the Pennsylvania capitol dome in Harrisburg.  Credit: KYW Newsradio)

PA Senate To Consider Temporary Funding Later This Month

After House majority Republicans last month failed to override parts of Governor Wolf’s budget veto, and with Pennsylvania now in its third month without a budget and no agreement in sight, Senate Republicans will try a different approach.

3 hours ago

(credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Phila. School State Testing Results Plummet Compared To Last Year

Philadelphia school district students’ scores dropped sharply over last year.

3 hours ago

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Condition of Release – Romantic Relations

A defendant who was sentenced for a gun offense wasn’t just given jail time and probation, but was told by the judge that, given he had ten kids by seven different women, and given the serious social problems it could create, he was not to have unprotected relations without the approval of the probation office.

3 hours ago

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