Latest Health News

Gloucester County Dealing With Recent Spike In Hepatitis A CasesThe Gloucester County Department of Health says there have been eight reported Hepatitis A cases in the last nine weeks.
Cervical Cancer Could Be Eliminated In Majority Of Countries By 2100, Study SaysNew research says that preventing, maybe even wiping out, cervical cancer is possible by 2100.
Experimental New Treatment Showing Promise For Those Who Suffer From SciaticaA new option being tested is a micro-pellet the size of a grain of rice that's injected near the inflamed nerve in the spine.
Second Pediatric Flu Death Of Season Confirmed In New JerseyThe toddler died earlier this month, but a review of lab results confirmed the flu was a contributing factor. 
Pets Accidentally Ingesting Marijuana On Rise As States Legalize Medical, Recreational Use, Veterinarians SayPets getting marijuana is extremely dangerous and veterinarians say it’s happening more often because pot is legalized in a growing number of states.
Pot For Pets: Treating Dogs With Therapeutic CBD Products A Growing TrendA growing trend is to treat animals with potentially therapeutic components found in marijuana.
Research Shows Early Birds To Be Happier, More Productive Than Night OwlsResearch has shown morning people to be more productive and happier.
FDA Approves Device To Treat Premature Babies Born With Common Heart DefectTiny babies are getting help from a big scientific innovation.
Diet Drinks Pose Greater Risk Of Early Death In Women Over 50, Study SaysToo many diet drinks are being linked to a greater risk of heart attack, stroke and early death for women over 50 years old.
Penn Medicine Launches Program Where Patients Receive Get Well Cards From Volunteers, StrangersHomemade cards are being delivered to patients at Penn Medicine through a campaign called Work of Heart.
Outside-The-Box Heart-Healthy Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s DayValentine’s Day might not be the best thing for your heart, but there are fun alternatives available.
FDA Warns Some Dietary Supplements Contain Unapproved Ingredients, Don't Work As PromisedThe Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on dietary supplements.