Latest Health News

More Children Diagnosed With Mysterious Paralyzing Illness As Some Accuse CDC Of Hiding Information From PublicThe numbers continue to grow as the CDC says it has confirmed another two dozen cases of the illness that's striking mostly children.
Blood Pressure Drug Recall Expands Again Due To Potential Cancer-Causing ChemicalThe FDA says another heart medicine is being recalled after tests showed it was tainted with a potential cancer-causing chemical.
New Government Guidelines Say Children Should Get 1 Hour Of Physical Activity Per DayThe federal government just released new guidelines for physical activity.
Children Learn About Asthma At Healthy Hoops Program In WilmingtonAbout 6 million children in the United States have asthma.
'Everyday Is Very Challenging': Local Veteran Using Technology To Fight Back Against ALSVeterans are at a higher risk of ALS and one local veteran wants to spread the word as he battles the disease.
'Nothing Short Of An Epidemic': FDA Set To Ban Sale Of E-Cigarettes, Vapes In Convenience Stores, Gas StationsThe crackdown comes as federal health officials say flavored E-cigarettes can be very addictive and they've become hugely popular with minors. 
Chester County Hospital Sees Record Number Of Births 9 Months After Eagles' Super Bowl WinThe hospital says the month of October ended with 255 births -- a record number.
Cases Of Salmonella Found In Raw Turkey Soar In NJ, Pa., Del. As Thanksgiving NearsThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed 17 of those cases happened in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Nemours One Of Few Centers Offering Targeted Radiation Therapy To Treat Children With Deadly Liver CancerA cancer treatment for adults is now being successfully used to treat children with a deadly kind of liver cancer.
Study: Americans Still Fattest People In WorldObesity can increase your risk for heart attack and it turns out that Americans are still the fattest people in the world.
Pacemakers, Implanted Medical Devices Could Be Hacked To Hurt Or Kill Patients, Researchers SayCompanies that make medical devices are working to improve security, mainly with new encryption technology that basically encodes data so that only authorized parties can access it. 
Teen Girl Blossoms Into Accomplished Pianist After Intensive Surgeries To Correct Cleft HandDaisey Yu, 16, was born with cleft hand, but has blossomed into an accomplished pianist.