Listeria Found In Lettuce, Spinach And Kale Sold At Supermarkets In New Jersey, Report SaysThe greens were sold at four different retailers in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York in June.
Too Much Caffeine During Pregnancy Can Damage Baby's Liver, Study SaysThe study was in Thursday's Journal of Endocrinology.
Allergan Recalls Breast Implant Model Linked To Rare And Deadly Form Of CancerThe FDA is not recommending women with the implants have them removed if they are not experiencing problems.
New Jersey's Medical Marijuana Program Triples Number Of Patients Since Gov. Phil Murphy Took OfficeThe state also nearly doubled the number of participating physicians in the program.
Cutting Just 300 Calories A Day Can Have Huge Impact On Your Overall Health, Researchers SayThree hundred calories is the equivalent of about two chocolate chip cookies or a cup of ice cream. 
Boys Hitting Puberty Earlier, Partially Due To Rise In BMI, Study SaysGirls aren't alone in hitting puberty earlier, according to a new study.
CVS Pharmacy Adds Time Delay To Safes Containing Opioids In Pennsylvania Stores To Crack Down On TheftsPennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said the technology has worked in other states. 
Experts Question How Reliable Apps Are That Check On Potentially Dangerous Chemicals From Everyday ProductsReports have said some of the ingredients contain potentially dangerous chemicals you put on your body.
FDA Launches Nearly $60 Million Campaign To Educate Teenagers About Dangers Of E-CigarettesThe FDA is targeting about 11 million at-risk teens in a new multimedia campaign.
'Aspirin Is Not As Helpful As We Thought': Millions Should Stop Taking Aspirin For Heart Health, Study SaysDoctors say that aspirin is useful for heart and stroke patients, for some patients, especially those over the age of 70, it can be harmful.
Broken Heart Syndrome, Cancer Are Connected, Scientists SayWhat could cancer have in common with broken heart? These researchers are working to find out.
Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Pig Ear Dog Treats Sickens 93 People In 27 States, Including PennsylvaniaThe FDA says people are handling the treats, then eating or preparing food without washing their hands first.
'Ultimately Secure Humanity's Future': Elon Musk Developing Brain Implant To Merge Humans With Artificial IntelligenceMusk says the brain implant would connect to a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth, and could be controlled with an iPhone app.
Drexel University Eliminating 40% Of Its Clinical Staff Due To Hahnemann University Hospital's Impending ClosureThe hospital is expected to shut its doors on Sept. 6.
4 Philadelphia Health Organizations Exploring Purchase Options Of St. Christopher's Hospital For ChildrenSt. Christopher's is owned by the same healthcare investor that's shutting down Hahnemann University Hospital.