Illiterate People Are Twice As Likely To Develop Dementia, Study SaysWhether or not you can read and write could be a factor in your ability to stave off dementia as you grow older, according to a new study from scientists at Columbia University.
American Heart Association Launches Massive #QuitLying Campaign Aimed At E-Cigarette IndustryThe American Heart Association announced a new $20 million research investment to study teen vaping on Friday.
FDA Warning Dollar Tree About Selling 'Potentially Unsafe Drugs'Now, in its warning letter to Dollar Tree, the FDA is requesting that the company implement a system to ensure that it does not import adulterated drugs.
Health Officials Warn Of Potential Hepatitis A Exposure From Center City Restaurant WorkerAnyone who dined at the restaurant between Monday, Oct. 28 and Friday, Nov. 15 should receive a Hepatitis A vaccine as soon as possible, officials warn.
Medical Breakthrough: Researchers Say Vaccine Given To Cats Could Help Allergic People From ReactingSwiss researchers say they've developed a vaccine given to cats that could stop allergies in people.
Cases Of Whooping Cough Reported At 4 East Penn School District SchoolsThe letter states a student was diagnosed with pertussis and is under the care of a physician.
Organ Match Made In Super Bowl Heaven: Eagles Fan Thriving After Receiving Kidney Donation From Patriots FanOn the cusp of this weekend's Patriots-Eagles matchup, a Birds fanatic is now thriving since receiving a kidney donation from a Patriots fan.
'You Can Get Horribly Disfigured': Experts Warn Against Dangerous Do-It-Yourself Injections, Cosmetic ProceduresPratt says she saves thousands doing cosmetic procedures at home with products she buys online.
Genius Fund Looking To Improve ALS Treatments, Holding First Event At Franklin InstituteMollie Elkman and her husband, Daniel Gerson, never thought they'd be so involved with brain research. But now it's a life mission.
CDC Report: 48,000 People Die Each Year From Antibiotic Resistance InfectionsEighteen germs in total are listed in the new report which finds antibiotic resistance leads to more than 3 million infections and 48,000 deaths each year.
Report: More People Are Surviving Lung Cancer In The United StatesYet lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death nationwide -- and your chances of surviving lung cancer can vary drastically depending on where you live.
Google Collecting, Analyzing Health Data On Millions Of AmericansThe tech company and Ascension confirmed they were working together to analyze patient data to give health care providers new insights and care suggestions for patients.
University Of Pennsylvania Testing New Gene Therapy Targeting Duchenne Muscular DystrophyResearchers are hoping for approval from the FDA for the next step in patients.
How To Understand 'Confusing' Food Labels At Grocery StoreExperts say many food labels are tricky and not all products meet the same standard.
Not Liking Vegetables Could Be Genetic, Researchers SaysSupertasters have an extreme sensitivity to bitter foods like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.