Trump Administration Bans Flavored E-Cigarettes In Compromise That's Angered Public Health GroupsWhile flavored e-cigarettes will be banned, menthol and tobacco-flavors will be allowed to remain on the market.
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Signs Bill Allocating $9.5 Million For Family-Planning ServicesThe law takes effect immediately.
FDA Issues New Label Guidelines Requiring Manufacturers Show Nutrition Facts For Entire Package, Single ServingThe new label guidelines will help clear confusion on the exact calorie count contained in an entire package of food. 
How To Make Your New Year's Resolution Stick This Year40% of Americans make New Year's resolutions every year, even though only about 10% last for more than a few months.
First-Of-Its-Kind Study From University Of Penn Links Job Loss To Opioid DeathsIt found that fading economic opportunity was a key force in driving opioid addiction and deaths in the United States.
Philadelphia Nonprofit Providing Feminine Products To Women Who Can't Afford ThemThey're a necessity not usually discussed, but when families can't afford feminine products, it's a problem.
Holiday Heart Syndrome: Potential Problems Linked To Indulging In Holiday Festivities'Tis the season of holiday parties powered by fatty, salty hors d'oeuvres with plenty of booze to wash them down.
Study: Intermittent Fasting Appears To Have Many Health Benefits, Also Helps With Weight LossIntermittent fasting is growing in popularity with Google searches quadrupling in the past three years.
Study: Four Cups Of Coffee Every Day Can Reduce Weight Gain From Diet High In Fats, SugarDoctors stress it's still important to maintain a balanced diet, however.
'Teaching Themselves Gratitude': Studies Find Children Who 'Count Their Blessings' Reap Important BenefitsDoctors say this holiday season should also include lessons on gratitude.
Hospital Emergency Departments See Increase Number Of Visits During Holiday SeasonThe most common holiday injury this time of year is related to decorating -- falls from ladders, lacerations and back strains from lifting.
With Flu Season Coming Early, Health Experts Say 'Tis The Season For Proper Holiday HandwashingCold and flu season came early in 2019 so many will be spending the holidays trying not to give or get the gift of germs from family and friends.
26 School-Aged Children In Delaware Sickened In Salmonella Outbreak Linked To Recalled Cut FruitThe health department says 26 children between the ages of 4 and 17 were sickened.
'She's Just A Joy': Penn Doctors Save 9-Year-Old Dog's Life With First-Of-Its-Kind Heart SurgeryHer family says Sophie has a heart of gold -- now she also has a heart that's making history.
Federal Health Officials Issue Warning About Illness Being Spread From Puppies To PeopleThe outbreak is now in 13 states with the majority of the cases involving puppies that come from pet stores.