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CEO of Saxbys Brews Opportunities for Students in PhiladelphiaIn the first edition of Starter’s Review, Donna DeCarolis the Founding Dean of Drexel University’s Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, speaking with Nick Bayer, President and CEO of Saxbys Coffee, discussing his passion, motivation, and the entrepreneurial spirit of Philadelphia. Growing up, Nick knew that he wanted a job that he could truly love. With Saxbys Coffee, he has created an inclusive, positive work environment that his customers and team members can love too.
Philadelphia: A Community For Women EntrepreneursFor years, technology companies and entrepreneurial startups have been booming in cities across the nation, with little diversity to accompany. Until recently, there were few outlets available for women entrepreneurs. Now, these sectors aim to be more inclusive and tighten the palpable gender gap. Philadelphia joins this growth with a variety of resources and events.
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CEO of KMJ Consulting Builds Company Culture in the WorkplaceKaren Jehanian, founder and CEO of KMJ Consulting, believes that culture is a major differentiator for a company. Entrepreneurial spirit has always come naturally for Karen. As early as 7th grade, she knew that she wanted to start her own business.
Schuylkill Yards: Innovation With InclusionDrexel University Announces 20-year Plan to Create Innovation Neighborhood in University City
University Incubator Helps Turn the Tides of Water ConsumptionAt age 15, Mohamed “Mo” Zerban returned to Egypt and what he saw in his home country changed his life. The H1N1 virus was rapidly spreading, and the devastating effects appeared everywhere. As he spent more time in Egypt, he realized how the poor handling of waste exacerbated the virus’ spread. He considered how waste and biofuels affected the community at large, conceiving a future where waste disposal did not hurt, but could help instead. His curiosity brought him to the Library of Alexandria where he researched biofuels and renewable waste, learning the process and history of turning consumption into production. Now in the Baiada Institute, he proposes a change to the future of our everyday home water consumption, using the university incubator space to make a product that improves the quality of our world.