The Pagoda Has Offered Spectacular Views Of Reading For 111 YearsThe Pagoda has stood in Reading for 111 years.
CBS3 Summerfest: Neag Planetarium Celebrating Apollo 11 Moon Landing With Unique ExperienceJust up the turnpike from Phiadelphia lies a hidden gem, the star of the show, the Neag Planetarium.
CBS3 Summerfest: Reading Is The Pretzel Capital Of The WorldPhiladelphia might be famous for its soft pretzels, but the home of the snack pretzel is Reading.
CBS3 Summerfest: Take A Trip Around Reading, From Heart Of The City To Some Cool WatersReading is working hard to support a new generation of entrepreneurs.
CBS3 Summerfest: Jimmie Kramer's Peanut Bar Restaurant In Reading Is Home For One FamilySome call it a second home, maybe a home away from home.
CBS3 SummerFest: Reading Brings Teachers, Books To Local ParksReading brings teachers and books to local parks.
CBS3 Summerfest: Award-Winning Urban Tennis Program Creating First-Generation Tennis Players In ReadingThere's more than baseball in Reading.
One Of The Oldest Ballparks Around Offers A New Start For Baseball PlayersThe stadium blends the past with the present to provide an atmosphere unlike anything else in the game.
Taste With Tori: Food Is More Than Pretty Good At The Ugly Oyster In ReadingIt's one of the oldest pubs in Berks County, where one side of the bar dates back to the 1700s. 
CBS3 Summerfest: Longtime Tram-Car Driver Becomes Legend In WildwoodFor 70 years, the phrase "watch the tram car, please" has parted the sea of saunterers on the Wildwood Boardwalk.
CBS3 Summerfest: What Makes Everyone Go Wild About The Wildwoods?Each year, more than nine million people visit the Wildwoods, but it's hard to get any consensus on what people love best.
CBS3 Summerfest: Many Take Part In Yoga On Beach Behind Wildwoods Convention CenterFive days a week during the summer, yoga instructor Charla Lewis leads yoga on the beach behind the Wildwoods Convention Center.