An Evening with Ed Rendell
Hosted by Chris Stigall

National Constitution Center
6th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia
Wednesday, June 27th – 7 PM

Talk Radio 1210, WPHT presents former Governor Ed Rendell in an up-close and personal conversation with WPHT’s morning host Chris Stigall.  Chris goes one-on-one with this dynamic politician and now author of “A Nation of Wusses: How America’s Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great.”

Ed Rendell also served atPhiladelphia’s Mayor and District Attorney, and lead the Democratic National Committee.  He’s currently a senior political analyst for MSNBC, a partner in a prestigiousPhiladelphialaw firm, a professor at theUniversityofPennsylvaniaand in his spare time, he’s a regular Eagles post-game commentator on Comcast SportsNet.

In A Nation of Wusses, Rendell revisits some of the toughest fights of his career. He recalls most vividly those moments when he saw someone stand his ground, even at the risk of incurring the wrath of supporters and losing the next election. Unfortunately, as he surveys the current political scene, what he sees is a herd of elected officials, both legislators and executives, who seem far more concerned with their own job security than with serving the people who elected them.

Democrats who voted for the healthcare bill but pretended they hadn’t; Republicans who took local credit for stimulus money while condemning the bill on TV; Eric Cantor, Mitt Romney, and the Democratic former governor ofMaryland, Parris Glendening. What do they all have in common? According to formerPennsylvaniagovernor Ed Rendell, they’re all wusses—and after more than three decades in politics, he knows a wuss when he sees one.

Tickets are $ 25.00 and include a hard cover copy of “A Nation of Wusses.” Governor Rendell will sign your copy of his book immediately following the program