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SHARON HILL, Pa. (CBS) — Calls for transparency in the police shooting death of 8-year-old Fanta Bility. Protesters marched through the streets of Sharon Hill Tuesday night, demanding the release of the full investigative report into Fanta’s death.

On Friday, officials released a report that was mostly redacted.

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The protestors marched to Academy Park High School where a National Night Out event was being held.

They are demanding transparency, but others say it wasn’t the time or place.

Protestors marched to Academy Park High School to crash the borough’s National Night Out in the name of 8-year-old Fanta Bility.

In the midst of the bullhorn-fueled chants and signs, young kids were interacting with officers and eating ice cream. Some say this wasn’t the place to protest.

“If you want to bring it to an adult event that’s cool but to bring it to a child event — we are trying to bring our community together. We have good cops, they aren’t bad cops. They are people just like we are,” a woman said.

Protestors started the rally at the Borough Council Building and walked to Academy Park High School where Fanta was shot and killed by police last August.

They’re demanding transparency as they approach one year of her death.

“I am here because justice needs to be served for this baby,” a protester said.

After the shooting, a taxpayer-funded independent investigation was launched into the police department’s policies and procedures on the use of force.

Last week, the Borough Council released a highly redacted report and refused to disclose the findings and recommendations.

Protestors say they just want answers.

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“Why even release if it’s going to be totally redacted like that? That just seems ridiculous, it seems insulting to people,” a protester said.

There were multiple news conferences Tuesday morning. The Delaware County and Philadelphia chapters of the NAACP blasted Sharon Hill Borough Council and their lawyer for releasing an incomplete document that was largely redacted and blacked out.

The months-long investigation was ordered after prosecutors say 8-year-old Fanta Bility was killed by a bullet fired by one of three since-fired Sharon Hill police officers following a football game at Academy Park last August.

Fanta’s mother and uncle were present for Tuesday morning’s news conference.

Attorneys working on the special investigation have billed Sharon Hill $400 an hour. The borough solicitor said they didn’t have a final cost available.

Three officers were fired after they were charged with involuntary and voluntary manslaughter.

People want the full report released immediately despite elected leaders’ contention it would harm the borough while it fights litigation in federal and county courts.

“You spent taxpayer money,” Sheila Carter from the NAACP said. “As a resident of Sharon Hill, $400 an hour, for a person to come in here with no information. We still don’t know what are our policies and procedures.”

“It’s believed to be so potentially damaging, that’s why it’s not being released,” Courtney Richardson, Sharon Hill solicitor, said. “They have not read the report. Have not read the redacted report. Anything they share is conjecture.”

Members of the local NAACP fear there are racial undertones to how the process and investigation locally has played out.

They’re not OK with it and promised to reach out to state and national chapters for more assistance on the ground in Sharon Hill.

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CBS3’s Kerri Corrado and Joe Holden contributed to this report.