By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — How much money are you willing to spend to get your hands on a beloved Choco Taco after hearing the frozen dessert has been discontinued? Choco Tacos have been selling for high prices on eBay.

News of the Choco Taco being discontinued was announced on Monday and eBay sellers are using it as an opportunity to sell Choco Tacos for outrageous prices.

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CBS3 found some listings with the price set as high as $1,000, but not all sellers are selling that high.

Some are selling their box of 24 for $350, while others are selling individual Choco Tacos with a starting bid of $9.99.

A former Fudgy Wudgy Man employee, Colin Bradley, tells Eyewitness News that Choco Taco was easily one of his bestsellers.

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“It’s such an iconic name. I think, more than anything, people spend their summers on the beach, they have some of their best memories down there. And it’s usually with one of the Fudgy Wudgy guys in the background, shouting Choco Taco,” Bradley said.

The Choco Taco is a waffle cone filled with fudge-swirl ice cream.

The top of the waffle is dipped in chocolate and peanuts.

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The man who invented the popular dessert, Alan Drazen came up with the idea in 1983 while at Jack & Jill Ice Cream.