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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — He’s an Eagles legend in Philadelphia. Now, Ron Jaworski is spending most of his time on the golf course running his golf empire. “Jaws” is also the ambassador for the BMW Championship that’s coming to Wilmington, Delaware, next month. Jaworski recently sat down for A Chat With Jessica Kartalija.

Jaworksi spent 10 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and 17 years playing professional football. He retired in 1990 and ended up working for ESPN for 30 years. Meanwhile, in the background, he was running golf courses and buying courses.

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“My family owns and operates seven golf courses in the Philadelphia area, so you could see I keep busy,” Jaworski said.

Here are some highlights from Jaworski’s chat with CBS3.

CBS3: Doug Collins, who was then playing for the 76ers, came up with ‘Jaws’ right, partly because of your last name, the shark movie around the same time, and because you never seem to stop talking?

Jaworski: I had ‘Rifle Ronnie’ at Youngstown State. I go to L.A., it became the ‘Polish Rifle.’ I came here and Doug didn’t like either of those and he came up with the nickname ‘Jaws.’ Doug said, no, no, no, no, it wasn’t because of the movie. His lips are always flapping. He’s always talking so he’s jaws. And I guess Doug was right.

CBS3: What is it like playing in front of these fans?

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Jaworski: It’s an incredible passion for the team, the players. And the city is just remarkable, and I say that as a sports fan. Because I was a season ticket holder for the Sixers, the Phillies, the Flyers. I go to all their games and I was a fan. I love going to games and being part of the guy sitting in the stands.

CBS3: You have received countless awards. What stands out as the most special?

Jaworski: Our Super Bowl team in 1980, I was the offensive captain. And when your teammates select you as a captain, that says a lot.

CBS3: There’s a lot of pressure on Eagles QB Jalen Hurts. Being young, coming up, what would you tell him? You’ve been in those shoes.

Jaworski: There’s incredible pressure on that position. I dealt with it. I had some failures with the pressure. You learn from those failures. And hopefully, he’s learned from some disappointments he’s had early in his career.

The BMW Championship is at Wilmington Country Club from Aug. 16 to Aug. 21.

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To see more of Jaworski’s chat with Jessica Kartalija, watch the video above.