By Matt Petrillo

WILDWOOD CREST, N.J. (CBS) — The City of Wildwood will be having its fireworks show on the boardwalk at 10 p.m. Monday. For so many families, getting together down the Jersey Shore on the Fourth of July is an Independence Day tradition.

Being down the shore is an annual event for so many people. Crowds of people also packed the boardwalk and the beaches in Wildwood and there was a lot of excitement.

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Here at Wildwood Crest, many beachgoers are showing off their red, white and blue.

“This beach weather couldn’t be any more perfect to kick off the summer,” one woman said.

Spending the long holiday weekend down the shore is an annual tradition for so many families, like the Keoughs.

” Since 1963, my grandmother bought the house and we’ve been coming here every summer for 59 years,” Hughie Keough said. “This beach. Saint Paul Street Beach.”

The Bradburys have also been celebrating Independence Day weekend here for generations.

“Just coming over that bridge and smelling air that, you forget all your problems,” Brenda Bradbury said.

As for the kids, they can’t get enough of playing in the ocean like this 7-year-old self-proclaimed boogie boarding pro.

“Fun when you go super far into the ocean, it gets bigger,” William Hiltebrand said.

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Is he afraid of the big waves?

“I’m not. I’ve been jumping waves since I was 5,” William said.

A Fudgy Wudgy Man says business has been booming this weekend.

“Business is amazing down here,” Charles McCormick said. “It’s Fourth of July. Everyone’s out here. The weather’s beautiful.”

But on the boardwalk, some places say inflation is causing visitors to spend less.

“It’s $100 for them to get here, $1,000 for a weekend and by the time they get here, they don’t have it,” said Chris Ornduff, a game operator at Pauls Balls on the Wildwood boardwalk.

Other stores are hopeful foot traffic will pick up later.

“As for what I’m expecting, tonight I think the shop is going to be pretty busy,” Lola’s Cashier employee Abraham Tsai said.

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Wildwood’s July 4 fireworks spectacular is at 10 p.m. The best place to watch is the boardwalk.