By Wakisha Bailey

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This week in our “Focusing on the Future” series, we’re going back inside Philadelphia’s Central High School. CBS3’s Wakisha Bailey followed up with two seniors who were finally able to bring their one-of-a-kind online magazine to press. 

And they’re back.

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“We hope we could leave something with the children,” Rakiyah Akins said. “We want to leave them with something so they can continue on with this idea of loving yourself and loving one another.”

Remember these two. We introduced you to Central High School seniors Dahlia Tarver and Akins this past February.

2 Students Meet Goal To Publish Central High School's First Black Magazine: '

Well, they did it. After fundraising and a little help from you, our viewers, this duo published the school’s first Black magazine: “Afrocentric.”

“We raised $7,000 dollars,” Tarver said. 

Wakisha Bailey: “Did you use it all?”

Tarver: “Nope we have some left over from last year so the magazine can continue.”

“I don’t know what I imagined our magazine to look like but I am so impressed by what we were able to do,” Akins said.

This cover was designed by a Central student, Tarver said. 

The art piece in real life is textured, and the ribbons are real, she added. 

The unique design and layout is separated into six sections from expression to struggle, ending with liberation. We have our copy but we wanted to reach out to future subscribers.

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“We love it,” one student said. 

 WB: “Was this something that was needed?” 

“While we are big here on diversity, there are many people that are hesitant to acknowledge the impact that Black voices had on the community and on the school as a hole,” Ajani Levere said. 

2 Students Meet Goal To Publish Central High School's First Black Magazine: '

Although these two seniors are soon preparing to part ways and begin “Focusing on the Future,” they are ready to watch the next group of underclassmen carry out what they started. 

“This magazine is our love letter to Black students,” Akins said. 

“Black is more than the color of our skin or tone for contempt. Black is a unity, a community in the belly of the beast by Afrocentric magazine,” Akins and Tarver said as they read a section from the magazine. 

After speaking with Tarver and Akins, they said they had a crash course in entrepreneurship to get this magazine up and running.

Now through fundraising coupled with the school ‘s contributions, “Afrocentric” will be around for a while. 

We got our magazines right and it’s impressive.

The young ladies are also impressive. Akins will attend the University of Pennsylvania to study in biology and Tarver is going to Spellman College to study economics and international studies.

Know an outstanding high school senior that deserves recognition? Let us know by completing the form below and we may select the student to be featured in our “Focusing on the Future” series. 

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Wakisha Bailey