By Brandon Goldner

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Starting Friday, American Airlines will be adding new routes from Philadelphia International Airport to Atlantic City and Allentown by transporting passengers in luxury coach buses.

Lakshman Amaranayaka, American Airlines’ vice president of Philadelphia operations, said, if not for the coach buses, they wouldn’t have been able to provide direct service to Philadelphia for families living near the Jersey Shore and Allentown.

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“Now we can bring seamless service from those cities to Philadelphia and about the world,” Amaranayaka said. “We’re really excited to do that.”

Passengers booked their tickets just like they would do for a regular flight, go through security at the airports and board the buses, which will drop them off on the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport.

Passengers won’t need to go through security again, but Lehigh Valley International Airport warned passengers that for the first several weeks, they’ll have to get on the coach buses outside the airport and go through security in Philadelphia.

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The airport said it’s still waiting on final approval from TSA before passengers can be allowed to board the buses on the tarmac.

American plans to launch a third route to Lancaster in August.

Ellie Ewing drove an hour and 40 minutes from Lancaster to Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday morning, and she said she’d be open to using American Airlines’ landline service.

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“I guess that’d be fine. I think parking is always a hassle,” Ewing said. “I’m sure that’ll be cool.”

Brandon Goldner