PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman remains in the hospital, recovering after suffering a stroke on Friday. Fetterman says he’s expecting a complete recovery and the stroke was caused by an irregular heartbeat.

Beyond that, there aren’t many details on the lieutenant governor’s medical conditions or treatments.

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“Friday, I just wasn’t feeling very well. So, I decided I needed to get checked out so I went to the hospital,” Fetterman said.

Fetterman put out a brief video and a statement from Lancaster General Hospital, where he was treated.

The Democratic Senate candidate said he had a stroke that was treated quickly and didn’t cause any cognitive damage.

“If the symptoms are relatively mild, somebody could be back to normal relatively quickly,” said Dr. Sumeet Mainigi, chair of cardiology for Einstein Healthcare Network.

Fetterman says his stroke was related to atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat that’s a common cardiac condition that goes up with age.

“But it also increases in those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, those who suffer from sleep apnea, who are overweight,” Mainigi said.

Fetterman is 52 and lost close to 150 pounds four years ago. He has not released any additional medical information.

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“This little pouch off to the side is where blood can pool,” Mainigi said.

Mainigi says with AFib, when blood isn’t moving through the heart, it can form a clot that can move to the brain causing a stroke.

“Sometimes the first tipoff is that they begin to feel their heart racing or more short of breath,” Mainigi said.

The two primary treatments are clot-busting drugs or a procedure called a thrombectomy that uses a catheter.

“It goes up into the brain to where the clot is sitting and the clot is effectively broken up or removed mechanically and with the help of some medication,” Mainigi said.

Fetterman says he’s feeling much better. With the clot removed and his heart under control, he’s on his way to a full recovery.

The Fetterman campaign says he will not be at the election night party Tuesday night because he’ll still be hospitalized.

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There’s no word on when he’ll be released.

Stephanie Stahl