By Siafa Lewis

GLOUCESTER CITY, N.J. (CBS) — We’re getting our first look at a police officer’s body camera video during a water rescue in Camden County. It was exactly one week ago that a woman’s car plunged into the Delaware River.

On April 28 in Gloucester City, Camden County a woman’s car barreled through a fence and ended up upside down in the Delaware River.

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The woman was trapped inside until three police officers aided by three good samaritans came to her rescue, beginning with Officer Sean Gartland, who was the first on the scene, followed, seconds later by Detective Sgt. Carlos Depoder.

“He said ‘get in.’ I said ‘OK.’ And I started taking off my vest, my belt, my shoes and he lowered me in the water and I started ripping open doors,” Gartland said.

Depoder was next in the water. He and Gartland began looking for the car’s occupant, at which time Officer John Brecheski joined them and they quickly located the driver.

“I started pulling the victim out of the vehicle. The other officers, Officers Brecheski and Gartland, came over. We brought her over, there was a large log, almost like a tree that was floating right in the water. We propped her up onto the log while I conducted some chest compressions,” Depoder said.

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That’s when Brecheski noticed someone else in the water, in a boat.

Those good samaritans — Michael Natrin, Stratis Tiniakos and Gene Blemmings — were out on a barge working, and like the officers, immediately sprung into action, getting into their boat and assisting the officers.

“If it wasn’t for those good samaritans on the boat we would’ve been in there for a long time. We couldn’t get her up because the bulkhead was so high. They came in, they helped us out. They had no problem jumping in just like we did,” Gartland said.

Despite their quick-thinking and selflessness, it’s no surprise the officers don’t want you to use the “H-word” to describe them.

“I don’t think we’re heroes, I think we did our job. When you’re in this job, you swear an oath. You swear you’re gonna protect and help people and that’s exactly what we did,” Depoder said.

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The cause of the crash is still under investigation. The woman who was driving is in critical condition, but slowly improving.