By Wakisha Bailey

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Mother’s day is on Sunday. And on Friday, we have a heart-warming story of a mother and daughter who are both educators in Philadelphia.

Everyone loves Mrs. Jones, especially her students at Eleanor Emlen Elementary School in Mount Airy.  

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“Dear Mrs. Jones, I didn’t have time to make a picture but you are supportive to everyone,” Juanita Jones said as she read a card from one of her students.

That’s just one more card that will adorn her fourth-grade classroom. As a Philadelphia School District teacher for almost 30 years, she, like many teachers, cares about the students beyond the school walls.  

“I always tell them they are the best part of my day,” Juanita Jones said.   

“We are trying to produce great citizens, too. That’s important. They are going to be the ones that lead our world later on,” she added.

Amanda Jones Follows Her Mother’s Footsteps As Educator In Philadelphia School District

Like her daughter, Amanda Jones.  

Juanita Jones: Everyone say hi to Ms. Jones. 

Amanda Jones: My mom talks about how great you are. All the time, all the time. 

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Instead of a morning call, Amanda Jones stopped by her mother’s classroom for some quality time. And we joined the two. Their closeness goes beyond their matching wardrobe, but they both share a love for education.  

Amanda Jones is a second-year principal at the honorable Luiz Munoz Marin Elementary School. But she’s been in the district for almost a decade.

 You could say she’s following in her mother’s footsteps.

“My mom is my everything,” Amanda Jones said. “She’s influenced all of me, so personally, educational, when stuff happens at work or personal life, she’s the first person I call.”

Soon, her mother will have a lot more free time. 

“2023 is my last year,” Juanita Jones said. “In this role, it’s my last year.”  

“I’m going to miss my kids,” she added. “When I think about them, it kind of makes me sad and I’m going to miss my colleagues.”

But Juanita Jones will continue to enjoy the day-to-day school stories from her daughter. 

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“She’s the best part of me,” Juanita Jones said. “I’m so proud of her. My heart is full, I’m so proud of her.”

Wakisha Bailey