By Siafa Lewis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s no laughing matter. An investigation is underway after a man armed with a replica handgun-knife attacked comedian Dave Chappelle on stage.

It comes after actor Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at The Oscars.

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At Helium Comedy Club, between 20th and 21st on Sansom Street, comedian and actor Daphnique Springs spoke to us about what happened to Dave Chappelle Tuesday night, as well as her concerns as a stand-up comic.

“I just never thought to myself that it could possibly happen to me. And it’s crazy because not only are they putting a lot of strain on the comedians for the fear of being attacked, but now you’re putting a lot of strain on the clubs now because now the clubs have to amp up their security,” Springs said.

The thought of someone physically attacking her for doing what she does — making people laugh — makes little sense to her.

“If someone tried to attack me, at the end of the day, you have to defend yourself or try to get away from that person. But it’s just like, mentally, why would someone think they could just attack you when you bought a ticket to show up. Leave,” Springs said.

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She also shared her mother’s concerns with us upon seeing the Chappelle news on TV.

“Here she sent me screenshots, she said ‘Dave Chappelle attacked on stage. Please be careful, sweetie. Love you.’ So now my mother has the fear maybe that I can get attacked,” Springs said.

She has this advice to audience members.

“And if you have that big a problem with my jokes I will refund your money, not in the masses so if the whole crowd agrees that they don’t like the show, I’m only going to refund one ticket max,” Springs said.

At the end of the day, Daphnique just wants folks to enjoy comedy for what it is. Come out, laugh, have a good time and leave your problems at home.

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CBS3’s Wakisha Bailey contributed to this report.