By Joe Holden

PROSPECT PARK, Pa. (CBS) — With Easter less than a week away, you may have noticed the cost of eggs skyrocketing. The price is being driven up by several factors, including an outbreak of bird flu that has severely limited supply.

It’s Yellow Cake Day at Traub’s Bakery in Prospect Park. That also means a lot of eggs and very recently that has presented some challenges people here have never seen before.

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Yellow Cake Day means eggs, eggs and more eggs. A recent surge in cost means a walk on eggshells over product pricing, balancing supply and demand, and keeping the customer happy during scrambled times.

“I’ve never seen this happen — like nobody’s ever seen this happen with the eggs,” Michelle Faragalli said.

Faragalli is a manager at the bakery on Route 420.

This time of year their big seller is Easter bread.

“We sell hundreds of Easter bread for the holidays,” she said.

There’s egg in that?

“There’s egg in everything, unfortunately,” Faragalli said.

We’re told their Easter bread is eggcellent. That’s why Joe Coyle stopped in.

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“I come from South Philly to come out here and get them,” Coyle said. “They’re so good.”

The folks at Traub’s tell Eyewitness News they are working hard to make sure there is not a product disruption. However, those prices may adjust accordingly.

“It’s crazy looking at what our invoices are for things now to what they were two months ago, three months ago,” Faragalli said. “Every week it’s just going back up.”

For instance, a bucket of eggs a couple of weeks ago was maybe $30. It’s now $90.

“Woah. Woah-wee. That is sticker shock,” Coyle said. “Almost as bad as the gas.”

“We go through a whole bucket just for a batch of buttercream icing,” Faragalli said. “It’s crazy. It’s the bird flu and everything.”

When does it stop?

“Never,” Faragalli said.

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It is hoped the cost of eggs will go down slightly after Easter.