By Madeleine Wright

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) — Gas prices are down around 3 cents in the Philadelphia region, but there is still a lot of pain at the pump with averages of more than $4 per gallon. In New Jersey, there is a proposal to bring some relief.

The proposal is for the state government to send money to residents here in New Jersey, but lawmakers are divided on the issue.

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With record-breaking gas prices and rising inflation, New Jersey residents are feeling the pinch.

“That’s insane. Really,” Joel Pimentel said. “Like $5 a gallon? That’s too much.”

To ease the burden, state Sen. Edward Durr is proposing a bill that would give $500 in tax relief to families that make $250,000 or less.

“We have $4.5 billion of overtax in the state of New Jersey. Extra revenue, so to speak. That is actually the citizens’ money,” Durr said. “I thought, just why not give them a rebate tax back?”

People Eyewitness News talked to in Cherry Hill have mixed opinions about the rebate.

Some are all for it.

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“I’d probably save it or put it aside for expenses for like, my truck,” Ian Staley said.

Others have concerns about the bill.

“A lot of families don’t drive,” George Katsidis said. “I think they should just lower the gas prices. If gas is really the issue, lower the price of gas and don’t give the $500 to everybody.”

Durr says the bill is unlikely to pass due to a lack of support by the Democratic majority, but Gov. Phil Murphy says the proposal is worthy of debate.

“I’m not opposed to a rebate. The best move, in my opinion, bar none, is for the feds to do a federal gas tax holiday,” Murphy said. “They can print money. We can’t.”

New Jersey’s per-gallon gas tax is 42.4 cents, one of the highest gas taxes in the nation.

Durr says the next step for the bill is that it would have to be assigned to a committee for a vote.

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Committee hearings are being held in the second week of May.

Madeleine Wright