By Joe Holden

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — A young father shot and killed in Camden City. Months after Darnell Farrish’s murder, police still haven’t made an arrest. The reason why he was killed remains a mystery.

Little Dajour stole the show.

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The 16-month-old showed CBS3 Mysteries his moves, while on the other side of the room, family talked about Dajour’s father and how the 19-year-old was gunned down and killed in south Camden.

“He was a loving dad, son, brother, cousin,” Myisha Pulliam, Farrish’s mother, said. “He was like a family-oriented kid. He knew what love was.”

Family and loved ones say Farrish, just like his son, often stole the show, too. Quick with a joke and full of smooth moves. But his mom says she tried to warn him.

“I tried to talk to my son about these streets, and it’s like these kids think the streets love them more than their parents do,” Pulliam said. “I try to lead my son on the right path. I said only two things are going to happen to you there. You’ll be indicted or murdered out there. Two weeks I said before this happened to my son.”

Police say it was Aug. 28, a Saturday night, when a shot spotter detected gunfire in the area of 8th and Tulip Streets. Detectives recount the moments before the fatal shooting.

“Darnell’s in front of a house around 8 p.m. We can see he’s on the phone a little bit, talking with some friends. We have a suspect come off of Fairview Street towards 8th Street, his direction. From what we know there seemed to be some exchange or words about something that has to do with money. And then there was multiple shots fired, Darnell was struck and the suspect runs off,” Detective Lance Merrill said.

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So why shoot and kill Darnell? That is one of the principal questions homicide detectives continue to explore. And to this day, they’ve come up empty.

“With any investigation, we go through his cell phone, social media. See if there’s any clues, maybe he had words with someone the day before. Nothing that would stand out,” Merrill said.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office provided CBS3 Mysteries with a video. They say it shows the suspected shooter two blocks from where Farrish collapsed.

Meanwhile, Farrish’s son Dajour will grow up without a father.

Gabriela Gonzalez, girlfriend to Farrish and mother to Dajour, is grateful to have a strong support system.

“His family became my family, Darnell brought me in, they treated me like one of theirs,” Gonzalez said.

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If you recognize the man in this video or have information in the homicide case of Farrish, call Merrill at 609-789-3766.