By Pat Gallen

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PITTSBURGH, Pa. (CBS) — When it comes to the NCAA Tournament, Delaware is kind of the new kid on the block. Some might say Villanova owns that block.

It’s an exciting time in Pittsburgh. Villanova and Delaware get together Friday. One school is a powerhouse. The other is looking to someday become one.

University of Delaware head coach Martin Ingelsby is not a household name, although he was a heck of a player at Archbishop Carroll. His dad, Tom, was a star at Villanova in the 1970s.

His brother, however, is a different kind of star. Brad Ingelsby is the younger brother of head coach Martin. But he’s also responsible for the creation of a character near and dear to our hearts. Brad Ingelsby wrote and produced “Mare of Easttown.”

CBS3’s Pat Gallen caught up with the younger brother at the NCAA Tournament in Pittsburgh.

“We’re so excited that we get to see Mart coach a team into the tournament. Then we get to be here, it’s against Villanova. So there’s a lot of excitement and pride at the same time,” Brad Ingelsby said.

Q: You’re a Villanova guy, your dad was a star there. You have strong ties to the university. Is there a little bit of a pull back and forth here?

“We’ll cheer for Nova any other day of the year. But this day we’ve gotta cheer on Mart. That’s just family. That’s what you do,” Ingelsby said.

Q: Who’s the better player — your brother or Mare Sheehan?

“That’s a tough one. I’d say Mart is probably more talented. Mare, I wouldn’t underestimate Mare. We’ve all seen what happens to people who underestimate Mare,” he said.

Q: The game is Friday. What’s the plan for the family before then?

“A lot of nerves. I think we’ll all be trying to solve our nervousness but we’ll be together. We’re all here to witness the game. That’s the great joy that Martin has a team here in the NCAA Tournament and we couldn’t be more proud. We’ll try to enjoy it but I imagine there will be all be a little bit nervous leading up to it.”

If you’re a fan of the “Mare of Easttown,” Brad hinted that a season two is possible.