By Jasmine Payoute

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Gas prices are bad now and they’re expected to get worse. AAA estimates the national average for a gallon of gas is $4.33.

In Pennsylvania, it’s worse, at $4.45. The lowest prices in the Delaware Valley appear to be in Dover, Delaware. But it’s not cheap enough to keep drivers on the road.

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Gas prices are having a ripple on just about every industry, but not everyone is upset about these record-breaking prices.

With gas prices wreaking havoc on wallets across the country, Philadelphians are looking at other ways to get from point A to B.

“The other day I went to fill up my car and it was $70 to fill up my car and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s a lot of money,'” Eric Solomon said.

“It’s impacting my budget, I’m spending way more than I would normally spend,” Denis Pines said.

According to AAA, Pennsylvania’s gas average is $4.42, up 19 cents in the last week, while Philly’s is now $4.45.

“Yes, I’m strongly considering it. Already got a SEPTA Key Pass so I’m considering taking that to work,” Pines said.

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Pines is not alone.

According to SEPTA, ridership has increased with weekly pass sales up 11%.

“With gas prices spiking, what we’re hoping is that people will look at SEPTA and the options that we have to help save them from some of that pain that they’re feeling at the pump,” SEPTA spokesperson Andrew Busch said.

To help fuel ridership, SEPTA is offering 25% off weekly passes, one free transfer between bus, trolley, and subway, and new three-day passes for people with hybrid schedules.

“Regardless of what the gas prices are, we think once they come in and have a positive experience that they’re gonna come back,” Busch said.

It’s not just SEPTA. The Delaware River Port Authority says PATCO ridership is up nearly 7%.

“It’s good for the city — more people on public transportation, less gas, less pollution, so on,” a man said.

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For those considering ridesharing as another option, Uber says it will be adding a temporary surcharge of up to 55 cents because of gas prices. That starts Wednesday.

Jasmine Payoute