By Vittoria Woodill

HATBORO, Pa. (CBS) — Many are looking ahead to the new year as 2021 comes to an end. A Montgomery County business is helping its clients make the transition by supporting them mentally, physically and emotionally.

Since we can never predict what will happen in a new year, Nourishing Storm in Hatboro wears many hats, so all year round its patrons can gain a stronger sense of knowing.

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Knowing who they are on the inside to feel mentally, physically and emotionally supported to deal with anything that may happen on the outside.

Owner Kristin Ritter says storms have been something she’s admired since she was little and when she found yoga a little later in life she took this community by storm and opened a studio.

Nine years later, it’s welled into a wellness company that has meditation, a cafe, and a storefront that are all centered on presenting possibilities for a fuller, more peaceful life.

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“Our whole shop is local artists that are just moving from their heart, they’re sharing what they love and we get to present it here for them,” Ritter said.

One of those artists is Nancy Pickwell, who found her way here navigating a storm of her own.

“So Love Bulb Co., that’s me, and that was my mission to survive the loss of my daughter who left in 2016. My reasoning of why I came here was to survive that,” Pickwell said.

“Wellness comes in so many different ways so the idea is: What is nourishing for you? And then there’s many ways that you can practice it here and out and about as well,” Ritter said.

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Vittoria Woodill