By Jessica Kartalija

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — He’s a rapper and hip-hop artist, known for bridging the gap between Black and white music. Now, going viral on TikTok, he’s more popular than ever with a whole new generation. He’s an advocate for foster children, and he just launched his own brand of wine.

Putting into words all this artist does is tricky. This week, we chat with Darryl DMC McDaniels.

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“I’m going to rock and roll and hip hop until I can’t no more,” McDaniels said.

Kartalija: Take me back to Grandmaster Flash …

McDaniels: “Before 1979, it was the block parties, and the park parties and the basement parties where the DJs would bring out crates of vinyl records and the emcees would bring out the microphone and let the people know who they were and what they were about.”

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Kartalija: When did you can make a career out of this and move forward in that direction?

McDaniels: “That’s a great question. I didn’t know I would have a career with it until I started recording records with Run [DMC]. It wasn’t really until our third album “Walk This Way.” When “Walk This Way” came out, which we did with Aerosmith, Stephen Tyler and Joe Perry, did I start realizing, “oh, this is what Mick Jagger feels like.”

Click here for more on McDaniel’s foundation, The Felix Foundation.

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Jessica Kartalija