By Alicia Roberts

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — Residents in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey were mindful of the possibility of severe weather Saturday due to previous weather incidents this year.

Many residents in Bucks County spent Saturday bringing in patio furniture, trash cans and Christmas decorations that likely could blow over in the case of heavy winds. They know that while it is calm early, they would only have just minutes — or even seconds — of notice to get to safety.

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Driving around the area, CBS3 spotted several holiday displays toppled by the winds.

Back in July, Tatham Road was one of the Bensalem neighborhoods hit when a twister tore across the turnpike, leveling the Faulkner Dealership and an adjacent mobile home park then taking flight before touching down here.

It was the same feelings in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, where several homes were leveled as a twister cut through homes and farms back in September.

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Residents on both side of the Delaware River said that having lived through it so close to home made an impact. They now play closer attention to any weather warnings.

“This time of the year, we’re not supposed to have this type of weather, so when you see this you got to worry somewhat,” Brian Paxton of New Jersey said, “because you never know what is coming from the Midwest or any other states out here.”

“The fences were pushed down the trees there were a lot of different things throughout the neighborhood, a lot of damage,” resident Drew Zebrowski said, adding, “Now, I heed the warning because before you never expected something like this come this close – now if I hear anything about it, absolutely get everyone to the basement.”

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It is a good time to secure anything that could blow over or away and charge your devices in case of a power loss. The motto here – better to be safe.

Alicia Roberts