By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a spot where you can brunch in Bridgesburg, and some of these flavors are sure to catch you off guard. The coffee is always brewing at Guardhouse.

It’s in a pretty unique location at the Frankford Arsenal off I-95.

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It just may catch you off guard but rich flavors, raw interiors, and a robust energy is brewing out of Bridesburg. And yes, there’s plenty of coffee to shoot you into your day like a ball out of a cannon. It’s time to rise and grind at the Guardhouse.

It’s owned by two friends and chefs, Matthew Gansert and Khoran Horn. They’re well equipped in experience and the culinary essentials they need to drive their scratch pastries and brunchy bites into a bold and delicious direction.

But their chief point of view isn’t the only voice that fuels them. They’ve only been open a couple of months but they equally strive to be on the lookout for what their new community is calling for.

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“I have asked countless people like what do you want to eat because our food menu is not fully out yet and it’s important to hear that back. Like the other day, ‘Oh, I would love mac and cheese.’ Say no more,” Gansert said.

“We both have the same long-term vision for this and we both have the community in mind, we both have quality in mind and we work every day to make that happen,” Horn said.

“I think you have to bring it whatever you do and wherever you go, if you bring it, they will come,” Gansert said.

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Watch the video to see more from Guardhouse.

Vittoria Woodill