By Jessica Kartalija

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eyewitness News is excited about Thursday. That’s when we’ll present our 12th annual Ronald McDonald House Charities Telethon. We call it “Give A Little Love,” and we’ll be raising money to help the four Ronald McDonald Houses in the Philadelphia area.

Hospitals, surgeries, therapy — it can be so scary for a child. But despite the storm of uncertainty these children face, there’s the calming presence of the Ronald McDonald House.

2 New York Brothers Find Fun In Staying At Ronald McDonald House

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In fact, two brothers from New York say it’s a fun place to stay.

“They’d rather stay here than a hotel with a pool,” Laura Glynn, the mother of Doron and Hadley, said.

Doron and Hadley Glynn love the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

“We have been coming here since they were born,” Laura Glynn said. “My boys, as well as I do, have a disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. We come for their treatments, we come for physical therapy and we visit with genetics every year. So we’re here for weeks at a time.”

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a connective tissue disorder. It often causes joints to dislocate.

“I have overly flexible joints, they’ll dislocate a lot,” Doron Glynn said. “I haven’t been able to really play sports because obviously if you’re running around and if your knee dislocates all of a sudden that’s a big problem.”

“Our youngest son, he has pain in his hands when he writes and he was born missing one of his hands so he gets overuse syndrome,” Laura Glynn said.

”I have problems with my hand with writing,” Hadley Blynn said.

The Glynn family lives two and a half hours from Philadelphia. Being able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House means they don’t have to drive back and forth.

And, each stay is special, despite the fact that the reason they come in is to see the doctor.

“Each one has been accompanied by positive memories and some happiness,” Todd Glynn, Doron and Hadley’s dad, said. “Where without it, I don’t know if that would be possible and I think that comes not only to the house being here but the people that fill it.”

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The Ronald McDonald house is filled with staff and volunteers who pour their heart and soul into making every family feel special, feel at ease, and feel comfortable.

And don’t forget the fun. There are so many activities for the children to enjoy.

“We try to set up some days to go up there and we play chess,” Hadley Glynn said. “Usually we can’t finish though, but it’s still a lot of fun.”

2 New York Brothers Find Fun In Staying At Ronald McDonald House

And after dinner,  fun events are often planned, so the families can recharge after a long day at the hospital.

“Everything’s taken care of here. You come in, you have a beautiful room, the children get a toy when they come in, which is so special,” Laura Glynn said. “You’re able to relax a little bit, where you wouldn’t be able to if you’re at a hotel. Because you have to figure out,  ‘Where am I going to get breakfast, how am I going to get there?’ Here they have shuttles and they’ll take you to hospitals that you need to go to and they’ll drop you off and pick you up.”

“It’s taking the weight of the rest of the world off your shoulders and when you can’t take that weight for yourself, because their care is primary, they take it for you,” Todd Glynn said.

2 New York Brothers Find Fun In Staying At Ronald McDonald House

And your donation can help, no amount is too small.

“Even a little bit goes a long way,” Todd Glynn said. “When you realize how long people are here and the needs, snacks for the kitchen, the supplies for the rooms, detergent for the laundry these are all things that when you’re here for an extended time you need and the house supplies.”

“I think that’s what the telethon is about,” Todd Glynn said. “Trying to explain to other people that haven’t been in the position that the house is so much more than just a room.”

The Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for so many families. 

Tune in to Eyewitness News Thursday during our’ “Give A Little Love” telethon. Our one-hour telethon special will air at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. on CBS3.

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You can donate from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Jessica Kartalija