BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — Residents were asked to take a decontamination shower when they left the Bush House Hotel on Broad Street in Quakertown Wednesday. Borough officials say this building had to be shut down in order to protect the health and safety of the residents that were living here.

Tenants were allowed to take what they could with them before leaving.

Bush House Hotel In Quakertown Condemned, Evacuated Due To Health And Safety Violations

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The hotel has been deemed condemned. This comes after numerous complaints from residents, first responders and the public.

The borough hired an exterminator, and by the time they got through 50%-60% of the building, determined it would need a liquid and heat extermination treatment in order to get rid of the infestation.

Officials say the building is heavily infested with bedbugs and German roaches. They also found roaches in the electrical and fire alarm system, which led to a number of false alarms.

The entire building will need to be vacant, decluttered and cleaned during the remediation process.

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After the decontamination shower, each resident was given clean clothes.

An evacuation center has been opened at Quakertown borough hall where they can receive food, water, medical attention and services for new housing options.

Bush House Hotel In Quakertown Condemned, Evacuated Due To Health And Safety Violations

“I don’t know how anybody can let anybody live like this,” Fire Marshall, Building Code official Doug Wilhelm said. “Even to the point where emergency responders. Safe for them.”

The property owner has 10 days to respond every day after a fine will be tacked on. The owner also claimed everything is fine with the property and that the borough doesn’t want affordable housing in Quakertown.

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Eyewitness News reporter Alecia Reid contributed to this story.