PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Defense attorneys in federal court Wednesday called character witnesses to defend Philadelphia labor leader John Dougherty and Councilmember Bobby Henon. Both are facing charges of bribery and corruption.

The defense teams are trying to paint Dougherty and Henon as people who were looking out for union laborers, and once again, that 2016 Verizon Fios hearing was at center stage Wednesday.

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The prosecution is arguing this hearing during the CWA/Verizon strike was a veiled shakedown.

Henon chaired the 2016 City Council hearing. It was called while workers were in the middle of a strike that lasted for seven weeks, halting work on Philadelphia’s Fios build-out that was already months behind schedule.

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On the stand Wednesday was Edward Mooney, an executive with the CWA. He testified during that City Council hearing and was asked in court if the hearing was used to pressure Verizon executives during their labor dispute.

Mooney said his job is to make sure workers are taken care of.

The prosecution has been arguing throughout the trial that Dougherty, as union business manager for IBEW Local 98, directed Henon through paid employment with the union to win city contracts.

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Another character witness Wednesday was state Rep. Michael Driscoll, who said he and Henon were partners in bringing resources back to Philadelphia.