By Wakisha Bailey

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Old City is known for the historic buildings, but what’s housed inside this one makes the Philadelphia neighborhood special. The Philly Art Collective on North 3rd Street is home to a lot of amazing artists in the Philadelphia area.

“I wanted to have the essence of Baschiat, but the art of today as well,” artist Jessica Jackson said, showing CBS3 the pieces on display.

old city philly art collective

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Jackson invited us inside the eclectic gallery, which is home to her own show for the first time.

“Although it kind of looks like Baschiat I have my touches. In the bottom left, you’ll see 222 – that’s from Unreasonable Doubt,” Jackson explained.

“This actually my first Jay-Z portrait sold,” she said.

While her work is magnetic, with bold colors and textures, she’s more excited about what’s in the next exhibit hall.

Jackson said, “You have to give kids other avenues.”

old city philly art collective

Avenues like art. Eyewitness News got to speak exclusively with the creative minds behind these one of a kind pieces – Violet and Ginger Achuff, twin sisters. The two use some different techniques for their creations.

“I had a paper and I folded it like a card I opened it back up like I made a butterfly,” Ginger said

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“It’s kind of like a sunset,” Violet said, showing CBS3’s Wakisha Bailey some of their work.

When asked how their mom feels about this painting, the girls said their talents are constrained to the kitchen.

“She doesn’t let us paint in the living because it’s carpet, so she lets up paint in the kitchen,” Ginger said

old city philly art collective

Jackson said picking child artists is important to her, giving them a release.

“I think kids need an outlet. Mental health is real,” she said.

Jackson said she suffers from depression. After witnessing her cousin commit suicide at the start of the pandemic, she used art to escape.

“Art brings things out of you that you don’t even understand,” she said.

“It was my very first portrait, I cried through it, I actually broke the canvas when I go through it and I finished the canvas, I stepped back and I was like, ‘Oh my god, these hands did that. And if these hands did that, these hands could do more,'” Jackson said.

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We’ve had so much fun speaking with some of these young creative minds. If you want to see more of their work its going to be on display here at philly art creative gallery from its going to run from friday to sunday something you don’t want to miss.

Wakisha Bailey