PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Volunteers from a Philadelphia organization are trying to help Haitian refugees following a devastating August earthquake. It is amazing what only seven volunteers can do in a single week for people struggling to rebuild.

Carine Dorlus, the founder of Philadelphia For Haiti, told CBS3 her organization has helped 15 families so far.

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“To see the conditions of some of the houses that were just made out of rocks and they just crumbled, they just want to still stay there,” she said.

Dorlus went on a mission trip to Haiti, seeing the impact of August’s 7.2-magnitude earthquake.

“They are very resilient although there was an earthquake that happened in August they are still going on with their lives,” she said.

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Dorlus and her team provide disaster relief so families can focus on rebuilding. So far, the organization has raised more than $10,000. Sometimes, the simplest contributions mean the most, like in one instance Dorlus described to CBS3.

“[A man] was laying on the floor and asked us if we could cover the top of his house so it doesn’t get rained on, but he wanted a tarp to just sleep on,” she said.
The group will return Thursday evening and get back to collecting more donations – all for people who are just looking ahead for hope.

“They just keep believing that God is going to make away,” Dorlus said. “Haiti is going to overcome.”

On Thursday, the group is leaving Haiti and they are expected to arrive in the evening. They say they’re not wasting any time before beginning to collect more donations for future trips.

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To learn more about how you can help, click here.

Wakisha Bailey