By Alecia Reid

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. (CBS) — Thursday’s rain is unwelcome news in many areas, including Bridgeport, Montgomery County. That area is still recovering from record flooding.

County officials say they responded to more than two dozen storm-related emergencies Thursday.

Familiar sounds of water hitting the pavement.

“I just went through this so to be here looking at it again, it’s not a pretty sight,” Bridgeport resident Antoinette Austin-Hunt said.

A number of families have moved out of their homes after widespread flooding during Tropical Storm Ida three weeks ago.

“A lot of people didn’t get out till the next day on boats and stuff like that — people that we’re pregnant, older people. It was crazy,” Austin-Hunt said.

The Hunt family is currently living in a hotel with their four children and came home to salvage more of their belongings.

“Right now, it’s really traumatizing because we’re down here trying to figure anything out right now,” Austin-Hunt said.

Thursday’s rain hasn’t had much of an impact on the Schuylkill River. But it was a huge concern after cresting at record levels during Ida three weeks ago.

“On Front Street, it came through the second level of certain houses. It was crazy,” Austin-Hunt said.

Anthony Hunt isn’t taking the rain lightly.

“This is what it looked like when they started evacuating us. Twenty minutes later, you had people calling people because they couldn’t get out of their house. That’s why it’s empty out here right now,” he said.

Weeks ago, at least 300 homes sustained major damage. Four residents from Montgomery County died.

County officials are urging residents to have an emergency kit with nonperishable food, water, a flashlight, first aid supplies, and spare clothing. Have important documents in a waterproof container

Have prescription medication in an area that’s easily accessible, and make sure to have a plan if you need to evacuate or shelter in place.

“People are scared. They’re petrified. It’s sad,” Hunt said.

There are no reports of serious injuries in the area. PECO is reporting about 1,400 outages across the county.