By Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As September 11 comes to an end, CBS3 wanted to take a moment to do what many of you have done today and in the days leading up: reflect on September 11 and its impact two decades later.

An entire generation has now grown up in the shadow of that fateful day when evil unleashed on American soil.

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We watched it together.

The moments of sheer terror, unbelievable acts of violence, and hate thwarted on so many that Tuesday in September.

You remember where you were. What you were doing. The shock at how icons of America were toppled was seared in our minds.

You remember how air traffic was grounded, the skies falling silent, and, yes, the fear of more planes yet to be accounted for that September 11 morning that could inflict more attacks.

And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear from all of us very soon. Here at home, we watched together.

For days we buried our dead, the heroes, the women, and men who went to work that day remain in our hearts.

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We’ve said since: “Never Forget.”

“The public servants who lost their lives saving others will never be forgotten,” then-Mayor John Street said.

For weeks, we remained on high alert. In a post 9/11 world, trips on planes were dramatically different with enhanced security. For years, we’ve remembered the fallen.

Today is no different. Thus closing another 9/11. And we remember 20 years and a generation later.

We again salute the sacrifices of so many and hold close to our hearts the memories of people who while no longer with us, live on within us.

We never forget.

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