By Joe Holden

BRIDGETON, N.J. (CBS) — A South Jersey mother is calling for justice. Her daughter was brutally murdered in her own home this past March.

Several months later, there are still no arrests.

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CBS3 Mysteries has covered some of the area’s most notorious unsolved cases. This week, we focus our attention on a brutal homicide that has until this moment received very little notice.

Nearly a full calendar’s worth of seasons have passed since Aaliyah Eubanks was murdered in her Bridgeton apartment.

On a summer afternoon, family and friends visited her grave, adding some scarecrows and fall flowers.

The deadly shooting happened on March 16. Jennifer Williams says her daughter, a single mother, had just returned home from work.

“March turned my world upside down. As a mother, as a parent, I was bringing my daughter home from doing a 16-hour shift at a nursing home. She was taking care of other people’s mothers and fathers and grandparents. Sixteen hours. I take her home and less than three hours later I get a call saying my daughter was murdered in her bed. That they came in, snatched her out of her bed and murdered her,” Williams said.

Williams says video surveillance shows three men fumbling at the back door of her daughter’s Bridgeton apartment.

She says they appeared to be familiar with the area and looked comfortable.

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“Liyah” was found tied up and had been shot six times. The motive is shrouded in mystery.

“This isn’t somebody who was playing with guns. She wasn’t a gangster, she wasn’t a threat to nobody. She had no assets, she had no money. She lived in low income,” Williams said.

Recently, Cumberland County prosecutors say they recovered what they believe to be the murder weapon.

They tell CBS3 Mysteries the development brings them a step closer to charging those responsible for Liyah’s murder.

They declined to speak with us about the case on camera.

For this mom, she isn’t giving up hope those responsible will be found and held accountable.

“We are small, we know each other. I may not know you personally but you know Aaliyah. Speak up, you don’t have to put your name or nothing. It’s easy to give a little tip. We know what these killers are, somebody knows,” Williams said.

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If you have any information on this case please call the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office at 856-453-0486.