By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia woman has started a homegrown effort to help Haiti. It took less than a week for it to make a big difference.

When Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in August, something changed for Saphangela Saint-Vil.

“I became tired of being a spectator,” she said.

Saint-Vil, who is Haitian-American, started a five-day supply drive and she spread the word on Instagram.

She called it “215sass4haiti.

Little did she know that all this would pour in — things like diapers, baby food, toiletries and water.

“It was extremely successful. We sent nine barrels to Haiti and full with clothes, medical supplies. I had sponsors,” Saint-Vil said.

Shipping nine barrels costs more than $1,200. Some came out of her pocket, and supporters pitched in $500.

Saint-Vil’s mother, who is still in Haiti, will coordinate the distribution.

Saint-Vil says this effort will continue.

“I’m going to keep this going. This is not temporary,” she said.

Drop-off locations include The Nile Cafe at 6008 Germantown Avenue and JME Multi-Services at 422 West Olney Avenue.

Ukee Washington