By Alicia Roberts

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With less than a week until the U.S. pulls troops out of Afghanistan, two local men are racing against the clock to get their families out of harm’s way. The men shared their pain and bravery with CBS3. For safety reasons, we are protecting their identities.

Both are trying to get loved ones out of Kabul as Taliban forces look to block complete access to and from the country.

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“We went together. Me and my wife went to visit family back home,” Whadat told Eyewitness News. “I came back because of my work, she could stay a little longer.”

Whadat and his wife went to Afghanistan earlier this summer to visit family. He returned on July 6 for work, while his wife stayed.

On Thursday, his wife was near the Kabul Airport when a suicide bomb went off.

“She was very scared, screaming, everyone was running,” Whadat said.

The fear is present for Said as well, who was visiting Kabul in early August. He got out just days before the takeover. He worries about his family there, including his mother and sister, due to his own ties.

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“I  worked for the U.S. embassy in Kabul, and their life is also in danger because of the job I had,” Said told CBS3.

He was caught off guard by how quickly the conflict escalated. Now, the reality sinks in that it may be too late.

“I hope I can still help them, but it’s not practical to think about,” he said. “If I knew this was going to happen, I would at least have helped my family go to a neighboring country.”

Time continues to run out for those hoping to find a better life, and for those who are trying to return home. According to the Secretary of State, around 1,500 Americans are still trying to get out of Afghanistan.

It’s a terrifying time for those just trying to get out safely.

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“Nobody knows what’s going to happen,” Whatdat said.

Alicia Roberts