By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A local brewer says he learned a valuable lesson after thieves broke in and literally blasted into his safe over the weekend. The crime was all caught on camera.

“Monday morning, my bartender calls and says we’ve been robbed,” Jake Atkinson, co-founder of Human Robot Brewery said. “I said, ‘no big deal.'”

The bartender told Atkinson they broke into the safe, to which Atkinson replied: “I’m on my way,” while nervously laughing.

Atkinson said two thieves broke in through a back alleyway.

“They popped the whole handle off the door and then at that point, they just broke the whole door down,” he said.

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Surveillance video captured the robbers. You can see them walk into the taproom and start searching around.

While holding what appears to be a crowbar, they eventually find the cash register.

They weren’t able to get it open, but they were able to crack one of the two safes in the office and take all the cash inside.

“I’m just feeling violated at that point and just angry, upset,” Atkinson said. “But then you just say whatever, we’ll move on.”

Atkinson says other businesses along North 5th Street were also hit Sunday night. The bad news is, it’s happened before.

But the good news is he says a learned a valuable lesson.

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“The safe was given to me from a friend of mine that he got from an estate sale. So, my advice would be pay for any safe that you get,” Atkinson said. “Because when I said thanks for the safe, he said. ‘What, the free safe?'”