By Joe Holden

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — Brett Moss was a hard-working man. Everything this Bensalem man did and earned went to help his family and provide for his daughter. Sadly, this young father’s life was taken while working across the river at a job in Camden.

Now, nearly five years after his murder, his family and detectives need your help to solve this cold case.

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Moss was a force on the football field, a defensive end who set records in his time at Kutztown University.

The single father of one daughter in 2016 was shot and killed in East Camden. It happened in an alleyway just outside a metal recycling facility.

“Brett was a great friend,” Rochelle Smith, Moss’ mother, said. “He loved everybody. He was a charmer.”

Smith says her days have been gloomy since her son’s tragic passing at 28 years old.

Moss graduated from Bensalem High School before his standout performance as a Kutztown Golden Bear.

“He was a great kid,” Smith said. “He was always adventurous and he would like to see things and learn about things.”

“This is a case where Brett was an extremely hard-working person, a great football player, loving father and he was at work that day,” homicide detective Andy McNeil said.

McNeil, a homicide detective with the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, has gone back and forth over video and a car that could be key.

“We can see a plate on this vehicle,” McNeil said. “We’ve played this thing forward, backward, frame by frame, slow motion, we can’t make out what the plate is.”

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But they believe the plate is a Pennsylvania registration and are convinced Moss’ killer could be in that car. It’s a Ford Fusion.

“It that looks to be an older model — somewhere say in the 2006 to 2009 range,” McNeil said.

It’s dark blue, and has distinctive metallic tail lights.

Police also want to speak with this man.

“This is a person we need to interview,” McNeil said.

A vital part of finding justice in this case. The unidentified possible witness is seen on Saunders heading toward 27th, and investigators do not know who this person is.

The people in this car, and this man, detectives say are vital to the case and to a possible resolution — who killed Brett Moss?

“It’s been a long time,” Smith said. “I’m just remembering the time that I had with him, I’m thankful for that. Some people don’t even get that chance.”

If you have information, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office wants to hear from you. Call them at 856-225-8407.

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Meanwhile, the family put up $10,000 toward the reward, which brings the total to $15,000.